Made in Vietnam Digital Technology Award | The science

During the Make in Vietnam 2021 Digital Awards. Photo: VIA

Hanoi (VNA) – The Make in Vietnam Digital Technology Award honors players and projects that have had a strong impact on the world of information technology and contributed to its development. Established in 2020 by the Ministry of Information and Communications, this award confirms its success every year and encourages domestic digital companies to continuously innovate.

This is a national award given to digital products created, designed and manufactured in Vietnam. Many award-winning products have been used, which thus contribute to the implementation of e-government and the digital transition of the country, as emphasized by Phan Tam, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications.

“This award aims to implement the Prime Minister’s number one directive for the development of digital enterprises in Vietnam, which was enacted in 2020. This award honors the best digital businesses and supports them in advancing their business both domestically and internationally. The goal is to help them win the domestic market and export their products and services. Since 2020, this award has created a driving force to accelerate the development of Vietnam’s digital technology industry,” he said.

In recent years, Vietnamese companies operating in the digital technology sector have adopted new Industry 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, the Internet of Things, and robotic process automation.

Many products are used in many remote and poor villages, helping to improve the living standards of the residents. The activities of people and businesses are being digitized through the universal use of Make in Vietnam digital platforms, allowing people and businesses to directly enjoy the benefits of digital transformation. Many digital products have also made it easier for people to access high-quality health information and services, as well as remote learning and work solutions. Among other things, we must mention Akabot, a robotic process automation application developed by the FPT group. This product has enabled banks and retailers to cut costs while increasing efficiency and competitiveness. DrAidTM artificial intelligence software developed by Vingroup is used in many major hospitals in Vietnam. The Vo so e-commerce platform created by Viettelpot helps farmers sell their products better. The VNEdu educational ecosystem from the VNPT Group is used by many schools and is valued by students and teachers.

“Who says industry 4.0, says connection. Thanks to communication, we can manage the activities of our students. All student data is stored on the system server and is the basis for effective analysis and management. This allows us to give him advice or career guidance,” says a teacher using the VNEdu educational ecosystem.

Vietnam is one of the pioneer countries in promoting digital transformation. Companies have received financial support from the state to accelerate their digital transformation and have been able to make new breakthroughs thanks to the technological revolution.

According to the latest UN report on the development of e-government in the world, Vietnam ranks 86th in the world. As part of its National Digital Transition Program, the country aims to be ranked 70th in the world in 2025 and 50th in 2030. In addition, the digital economy is expected to account for 30% of the national GDP and labor productivity to grow by more than 8%. % Every year.

The Ministry of Information and Communications commissioned Vietnamese companies to create products and services that meet the needs of domestic customers and the challenges facing Vietnam. Nguyen Juy Dung, deputy head of the said ministry, states:

“Our Ministry of Information and Communications is committed to identifying the issues and challenges facing Vietnamese society today. The goal is to attract the participation of companies in solving their problems and tasks. What a business needs most is a market. That is, to have high-quality technologies, companies and products.”

“Make in Vietnam” digital product development is the key for Vietnamese digital companies to master the technology and achieve the same level as world powers in the research, development and application of new digital technologies.

The Make in Vietnam Digital Award is a real driving force for Vietnamese digital business. Mastering technology will enable Vietnam to achieve technological independence and take a high place in the global value chain. – WWII / VNA