LIVE – Reshuffles: Catherine Colonna to be appointed Foreign Minister

Catherine Colonna to be appointed foreign minister

BFMTV INFO – Diplomat Catherine Colonna will be assigned to the Quai d’Orsay. The historical Chiracien, she was a representative of the Champs Elysees and was Minister for European Affairs in Jacques Chirac’s second term. She is currently the French Ambassador to London.

Marc Feno will be appointed Minister of Agriculture

According to our information, the current Minister for Relations with the Parliament, Marc Féno, will be appointed to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Reshuffles: Bruno Le Maire stays at Bercy, Gerald Darmanin confirmed inside

Bruno Le Maire remains economy minister, according to BFMTV, as does Gerard Darmanin as interior minister.

Olivia Gregoire will become the official representative of the government

According to our information, the current Secretary of State for the Social and Solidarity Economy, Olivia Gregoire, will be appointed as a spokeswoman for the government this afternoon.

The choir, which was supposed to sing this Thursday in honor of Blanker’s departure, was satisfied with the minimum service.

A children’s choir from Poitiers spent Thursday evening at the Ministry of National Education to sing first on the occasion of the handover. But the announcement of belated redesignthey contented themselves with showing off their vocal prowess to the civil servants on the rue Grenelle.

Jean-Michel Blanquer is given away from his government and represents himself in the elections for the legislature of the Loiret, elections are far from winning.

Nupes publishes its campaign materials 4 weeks before legislative elections.

New official campaign material for the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) comes out this Friday with new posters calling on the French to “elect Jean-Luc Mélenchon” as prime minister, according to BFMTV.

Each candidate can choose whether or not to use the photo of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in their flyers.

300,000 posters featuring the boss of recalcitrant France have been printed, and 200,000 featuring only the Nupes logo will also be pasted.

Here we summarize Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s strategy.

Anne Hidalgo writes to Elizabeth Bourne and says she is “at her disposal” to “implement the Paris Agreement”.

According to L’Opinion, Anne Hidalgo broke a long letter addressed to Elizabeth Bourne.

“I am at your disposal to present you with the main directions that I am carrying out with my team and which will allow our country to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement,” writes the mayor of Paris.

The two women know each other well, having worked together at the Paris City Hall during the reign of Bertrand Delanoë.

“Provisional government”: Clemence Goethe believes that Elisabeth Born is “here only for a month”

Clemence Guette, who worked on Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s program during the presidential election, thinks it possible that he will arrive at the head of government next June.

“Elizabeth Bourne is only here for a month, we expect Jean-Luc Mélenchon to be in Matignon. This is a provisional government,” a candidate in the 2nd constituency of Val-de-Marne said on Radio South this morning.

The boss of rebellious France called on the French to “elect him prime minister” last April.

‘New majority advances in disguise’: Faure regrets Macron’s ‘wavering’

While the new government should be known after more than 5 days of waiting, Olivier Faure looks sternly at this pace.

“I would like us to know the program of this new majority, which is advancing in complete disguise, which does not say what it will do,” judged this morning the first secretary of the PS at Europe 1.

“When I see hesitations about the appointment of Elizabeth Bourne or Catherine Vautrin … Through some indiscretions and informing journalists, we learned that the president hesitated until Sunday evening. He didn’t even know who was the person who could best fit into the policy he intends to pursue.”

We recap here how Catherine Vautrin held the rope for 2 days before Emmanuel Macron finally chose Elizabeth Bourne.

According to Zemmour, Macron is “preparing France” for Mélenchon

In a long interview with Figarothe boss of the Reconquista pulls out a sulfatus against the president and the rebels.

“Emmanuel Macron prepares the France of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Both of them to the arrival of these creolized “new people” – writes Eric Zemmour in the columns of the newspaper in which he worked for a long time.

“Only Jean-Luc Mélenchon wants to give birth to him through a revolution. When Emmanuel Macron wants to breed him with a wait-and-see attitude and demographic fatalism. There is a difference in chronology, but not in ideology,” the presidential candidate, who won 7% of the vote in the first round and intends to be elected in the legislative elections in the 4th Var district, continues to judge.

If Mélenchon becomes prime minister, his first measure would be to “freeze the prices of essentials.”

In the event that Jean-Luc Mélenchon enters Matignon next June, his first action will be to “lock down the essentials,” LFI European MP Manuel Bompard told BFMTV this morning.

‘It’s the raft of the Medusa’: Manuel Bompard makes fun of the late redesign

Although the names of the new ministers will be announced this Friday afternoon, 5 days after the appointment of Elisabeth Bourne, Manuel Bompard, former campaign manager for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, is making fun of “The Raft of the Medusa” on BFM this morning.

“The choice of social violence”: Manuel Bompard criticizes the appointment of Elisabeth Bourne

Manuel Bompad is hardly thrilled by the arrival of the new prime minister in Matignon.

“Elizabeth Bourne’s choice is a social affront,” judges on BFMTV this morning who is Marseille’s candidate in the next legislative election for Nupes.

The government will be announced this Friday afternoon

According to BFMTV, the government will be announced this afternoon. The Council of Ministers will take place on Monday.

We summarize everything in this article.

“We take the necessary time”: Borne and Macron are waiting for the composition of the new government

Although the announcement of a new government has yet to be made, Elizabeth Bourne has not yet decided on the official composition of her team. And the announcement could be delayed given the statements from the two chief executives this Thursday afternoon.

“We are taking the necessary time because we want the best team to carry out the project of the President of the Republic,” Elisabeth Bourne of Le Mureau (Yvelines) kicked during her first trip as prime minister.

A few minutes after the prime minister, it was Emmanuel Macron who, in the courtyard of the Elysee Palace, during a speech with Moldovan President Maia Sandu, which he received for the third time, raised the issue of the government’s arrival.

Asked whether we will recognize the new team this Thursday, the head of state replied with a smile that it has “nothing to do with Moldova.”

We summarize this long wait here.

‘Technocrat, cold, cruel’: Marine Le Pen slapped Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne

Three days after her appointment, Elizabeth Bourne must have had her ears whistling at the end of the day this Thursday. BFMTV guest Marine Le Pen reacted to the appointment of a new prime minister, formerly Minister of Transport, then Ecological Transition and Labor in Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term.

“Instead of satisfying the need for intimacy with the French, for warmth (…) he chose the exact opposite, he chose a technocrat, cold, cruel in the negotiations that she had to lead, and in fact double herself,” picked up the former presidential candidate on our antenna.

Damien Abad leaves the post of chairman of the deputies of the Republic of Lithuania and goes on vacation from the party

The boss of the deputies of the Republic of Latvia, Damien Abad, who was ordered by the party leadership to resign, announced this Thursday evening his immediate resignation from office and that he was going on “vacation” from the Republicans, in an interview with Figaro.

“Today I decide to leave my position as President of the LR Group in the Assembly for the sake of clarity, consistency and accountability,” says Damien Abad, who is at the center of speculation about rapprochement with the majority, but assured that his choice was not dictated by “any electoral logic” .


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