Lidl will hit hard with this discount on all your purchases

Your purchasing power has increased thanks to LIDL, that SHOCK discount on all your purchases right now! All the details thanks to People Act Magazine in this article.

Increased purchasing power: Lidl Plus cardholders will now be able to use a 5% discount coupon on their entire cart once a month.

Lidl Plus cardholders will now be able to receive a 5% discount coupon on their entire cart once a month.

As the prices of essentials continue to rise, this Thursday, May 19, Lidl is launching Operation Worth the Cost Rise to combat declining purchasing power.

Indeed, Lidl Plus card holders will be able to use a 5% discount coupon once a month, valid for their entire shopping cart.


It will be applied to the final ticket at the time of payment. Specifically, on May 19, if you top up your account with 100 euros and use the coupon, you will pay 95 euros, explains Michel Biero, Executive Director of Purchasing and Marketing Lidl France, to our colleagues from Paris.

And adds: I obviously advise you to do this when you make a lot of toppings. Everyone has access to it, regardless of their income or household composition, and the reduction is immediate.

To do this, simply download the free Lidl Plus app on your smartphone, which will display a coupon on the first of each month, which you can activate on the day of your choice.


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At Bercy’s request, the German giant decided to “cut” its margins, as well as bail out the French, who were hard hit by rising prices.

In our stores, it is 3%, as elsewhere. Despite everything, thanks to our model, we have the best value for money, explains Michel Biero. We distribute 90% of the distributor brands that the French buy more this time of year.

For Lidl, being a local retailer comes with a responsibility (…) Today, being close to our customers is more obvious and necessary than ever, he explains. We had to give this “push” to our customers to improve their daily lives. We needed this global and easily accessible system so that everyone can benefit from it, no matter what products they need, and without limits on the number.

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While inflation could reach 8% by the end of the year, Lidl initially intends to extend this exceptional relief until August 31st. Then we will see what happens,” concludes Michel Biero. Our 5% discount coupon is valid until August 31st. There will be a review point. We can expand it, strengthen it or offer a different offer. We don’t know yet.