L’Expression: Nationale – Assault on space technology

The development of space technology is now at the center of a collaboration that promises to be rich between Algeria and Italy. Thanks to his trip to Rome, the President of the Republic, Abdelmajid Tebboun, did not fail to recall “certain achievements of the country in the field of space technology, in the sense that Algeria currently has three satellites and is working on achieving four more.
President Tebboune really assured that there are promising prospects for economic partnership between the two countries and confirmed: “There is no limit between Algeria and Italy.” “We have similarities in a number of areas, and we are striving to strengthen economic partnerships in various sectors such as the navy, aviation and light industries such as food and furniture,” the Head of State specified, specifically mentioning the space industry, in response to concerns and questions of representatives of the diaspora in Italy.
He then called on Algerian operators to start projects with their counterparts in Italy, especially, he said, since Algeria offers every opportunity to achieve this goal. “Nothing prevents the creation of an Algerian-Italian bank to allow our community in Europe to legally transfer funds and create joint Algerian-Italian companies, including in the field of geophysics,” said the Algerian head of state, who therefore called on Algerian researchers who have settled in Italy. create associations and establish contacts with their country to transfer their knowledge and promote the development of the national economy.
“The time has come to implement real projects in the field of scientific research, and the doors are open to everyone,” he said.
Thus, space technology is a reminder of the time when Algeria is reinforcing its space armada with four new satellites under construction, which will increase the total number of Algerian satellites to seven.
Algeria already has three satellites and intends to launch four more,” said President Tebbun, addressing Algerians living in Italy.
President Tebbun also expressed his desire to start cooperation with “Italy, a friendly country” in the field of civil or military shipbuilding, among other prospects.
Italian President Sergio Mattarella, for his part, confirmed that Italy is working within the framework of the European Union (EU) to intensify cooperation between the Union States and Algeria, a strategic partner at all levels. “Italy, the country at the heart of the EU, calls for closer cooperation with Algeria.
The Mediterranean agenda set by the EU is just a sign of moving forward in this direction,” said President Mattarella during a joint press briefing with President Abdelmajid Tebbun.
This concerns, according to the same source, cooperation in the field of security, industry and infrastructure, energy transition, new and renewable energy sources, in particular electricity and hydrogen, investment promotion, SMEs/SMEs and start-ups, water resources and water security, fisheries and aquaculture , mining, in particular the marble sector, technical cooperation and research, film industry.
We are willing to bet that agreements relating to various areas, in particular space, will take shape next July thanks to the 4th Algerian-Italian intergovernmental summit scheduled for July 18 and 19, 2022 in Algiers.