Learning Technologies Exhibition: Agora to Present Unparalleled Immersive Solutions for Virtual Education

PARIS, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Agora Inc. (NASDAQ: API), a pioneering platform and leader in building APIs that enable real-time interaction, will be showcased at the Learning Technologies Show in Paris May 18 and 19 together with their clients Timyu and BlueFrog Robotics, present their solutions for future education.

Imad Brikian account manager at Agora, will host a conference there on user experience and live learning monetization.

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Agora, a pillar of the development of education in the metaverse

Enabling the creation of powerful collaborative tools to advance education in the metaverse, Agora has partnered with Teemew, a French company specializing in creating immersive and digital experiences for live events. Agora provides Teemew with live audio chat solutions that enable very low latency messaging, a real prerequisite for the development of education in the metaverse.

“We are thrilled to be using Agora’s live audio solution for our corporate metaverse education platform. Real-time interaction and audio chat between participant avatars is essential for a fully immersive learning experience.”, Clement Merville, CEO of Teemew.

Today, it is the various collaborative tools that make it possible to create digital learning that is as high quality as in physics. The virtual classrooms being developed are very different from conventional videoconferencing classrooms and Imad BrikiAgora account manager, will tell Tim about this during a conference on the show on May 18 from 16:30 to 16:50 at Theater 6: Boost your user experience and your monetization with live training.

“Teachers and students are realizing that traditional classroom learning is less scalable. Over the past decade, and especially over the past two years, we have seen how technology has changed our daily lives, from the way we live or work to the way we interact. Using live audio and video technologies, we are creating a learning experience that is no longer limited by factors such as class size, geographic location, physical infrastructure, and even accessibility.” says Ali Nhari, director of sales at Agora.

BlueFrog Robotics presents with Agora for demo Buddy

BlueFrog Robotics, a French company that has developed an emotional and learning robot with artificial intelligence. Buddy, will also be on the show with Agora. Powered by Agora RTE platform, Buddy allows students suffering from long-term illness to be able to study remotely from the hospital. With the approval of First Lady Brigitte Macron, the Ministry of National Education has purchased 1,750 Buddy robots, which are currently being used by hospitalized children to remotely interact with peers in classrooms. Rodolphe HasselwanderCEO of BlueFrog Robotics, will be present at the Agora booth to introduce and demonstrate the Buddy robot.

You can come and meet the Agora team and see Buddy at the exhibition from 14:00 at booth H74.

About Agora

Agora is a leading company in the development of real-time interaction as a service (RTE PaaS) platforms. Agora’s mission is to make real-time interaction ubiquitous, allowing anyone to interact with anyone, on any app, anytime, anywhere. The Agora platform provides developers with simple, flexible and powerful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for integrating real-time video and voice interaction into their applications.

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