JCB introduces the fastest and most powerful telehandler on the market

Mastiff with 173 hp, traveling at 50 km/h for loading and unloading, do you like it? JCB has just unveiled its 542-70 AgriPro, equipped with the latest generation DualTechVT transmission capable of delivering this kind of performance. + 15% torque, + 22% dynamic traction and + 16% power… The novelty of the English factory seems to have been boosted to solve all problems.

To travel at 50 km/h with a JCB telehandler, you must select the AgriPro DualTech VT trim. (© JCB)

JCB has just lifted the veil on the latest addition to its range of agricultural telehandlers, 542-70 AgroPro. And also to say that the car has a resource under the hood! Power, torque, acceleration, top speed, hydraulic capabilities… the English manufacturer hasn’t skimped on the performance of its machine.

Deciphering the carrying capacity of the machine is quite simple: 542 by 4.2 tons of load capacity and 70 by 7 m of maximum lifting height. Attention, this is the maximum load capacity, the machine does not lift 4.2t by 7m. At the maximum height, the machine still lifts 2.75t.

About releases Agri, Agri Super and Agri-Extra, power respectively 109 hp, 130 hp and 150 hp Under the hood, the Brit installs his homemade engine, JCB Diesel Max The working volume is 4.8 liters. On AgriPro, power has been increased to 173 hp. Or 24 extra hp. or 16% over current models and 15% more torque. In fact, it reaches 690 Nm at 1500 rpm. Connecting your engine to Transmission DualTech VTdynamic thrust is gaining 22% of effort.

Max speed: 50 km/h

To overcome the mark of 50 km / h, the telescope takes the latest version of the box, called “high speed”. The operator benefits from up to 22 km/h accuracy (versus 19 km/h in the standard version). Direct mechanical drive takes over further and up to 50 km against 40 previously. Thus, the travel time between the fields and the farm is reduced, which is an advantage for summer jobs or in agricultural workers’ companies.

For safety reasons, the hydraulic braking system has independent circuits for front and rear reinforced axles. Obviously, it meets the requirements of European homologation T1b for road agricultural machinery. Trailer air braking is available as an option. On the road, the racing car is rear-wheel drive. When a trailer is hitched, the device automatically switches to 4WD mode to improve overall stability. Not to mention, as soon as the operator brakes, the assembly benefits from the contact surface of the 4 wheels to brake harder and not lengthen the stopping distance.

Hydraulic flow up to 160 l/min

There are three driving modes: Eco, Power or Flex. The latter controls engine speed and travel speed independently, which is a useful feature for low speed operation when using engine speed sufficient to power a sweeper, blower or silage chopper. Also note the increased power of the hydraulic circuit thanks to the 72cc variable displacement piston pump.3. It delivers up to 160 l/min of oil, or 14% more. Again, saving time in terms of arrow movement. The joystick allows you to simultaneously control several functions: for example, lowering the bucket at the same time as raising the boom.

The brand is also integrating its Smart Hydraulics features. For example, recuperative cylinders that lower and retract the boom faster for shorter loading cycles; damping of the cylinders at the end of their stroke on the mast lift and retract cylinders; and automatic shaking of the bucket to automatically empty sticky products.

Command Plus cab for “business class” comfort

Not to mention JCB SRS (Smooth Ride System) boom suspension with automatic activation. Accumulators and hydraulic regeneration valves are installed to increase boom oscillation, isolate it from vehicle movement and increase material retention. In a word, additional comfort.

In terms of comfort, the operator can choose from manual or automatic air conditioning, a semi-leather seat with air suspension, heating and ventilation, electric lumbar support and a JCB Command Plus cab.

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