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This year Tel Aviv will host the Global Wellness Summit (GWS). [le sommet mondial du bien-ĂȘtre], the largest such conference in the world. The three-day GWS will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv in November. 2022.

The annual conference will bring together entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners in areas such as hospitality, tourism, healthcare, beauty and spa care, nutrition technology, fitness, medical technology, and the industrial sector, under the multi-dimensional umbrella term “wellness,” which encompasses the pursuit of physical fitness. mental, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental well-being.

For Nancy Davis, creative director and chief executive of GWS, choosing a venue for the next summit was no problem. Tel Aviv is Israel’s tech capital and home to many health and wellness companies and startups.

The Summit was held in Boston in 2021, Palm Beach (FL) the previous year, Singapore in 2019 and Cesena (Italy) in 2018.

While the global health economy appears to have been initially hurt, falling from $4.9 trillion before the pandemic to $4.5 trillion today, the market is expected to hit $7 trillion by 2025, according to a report published last year. Global Institute of Health Research Unit. DHW.

In Israel, there is an unlimited number of innovations that directly affect the world of well-being, the world of medicine and the world of technology at the same time.

The amount of mental health technology, including therapeutic games, devices and apps, coming from Israel has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic.

According to Amir Alroy, co-founder of Welltech Ventures and co-chairman of GWS, there are currently 2,000 medical companies, 1,000 digital health companies, and more than 500 health technology companies operating in Israel, making it second only to Silicon Valley in terms of absolute numbers.

The pandemic has also had a positive impact on the local wellness industry. Alroy explained that Israeli entrepreneurs who worked in the cybersecurity and automotive industries were attracted to innovative solutions and business intelligence, so ” the best ideas and the best creators, those with the most experience, are now in the industry [du bien-ĂȘtre]]. This was not the case just two years ago. “.

Elroy mentioned, among others, Amnon Bar-Lev, former president of cybersecurity at Check Point, who founded AI healthcare startup Alike; Samuel Keret, who left Waze to found digital health startup Hedonia; and cybersecurity serial entrepreneur Ben Enosh, who founded Antidote Health, a low-income telemedicine company in the United States.

Bar-Lev co-founder Varda Shalev, who is also a professor of epidemiology and preventive medicine at the Tel Aviv University School of Public Health and former director of the Morris Kahn and Maccabi Institute for Research and Innovation, will be one of the keynote speakers at the conference. summit.

Levi Shapiro, founder of mHealth, Israel’s largest community of health and wellness technology innovators, will also be the keynote speaker, as will Raheli Wisman, CEO and co-founder of SavorEat, an Israeli startup that uses culinary robots and 3D printing technology for cooking food. lean food at the touch of a button.

Foreign speakers include Aradhana Khovala, CEO and founder of Aptamind Partners, a consulting firm specializing in regenerative tourism, Rick Stollmeyer, founder of Mindbody, and Michelle Williams, dean of the Johnston School of Public Health. T. H. Chan at Harvard.

For Omer Iswan, Co-Chairman of GWS and Chairman of Turkish consultancy Servotel Corporation, the Israeli R&D landscape is another attraction as a host country. According to him, proactive research and development, as practiced in Israel, is usually the privilege of large multidisciplinary and multisectoral countries.

If we could measure R&D and innovation in kilograms, measure how many grams of innovation per capita, Israel would probably weigh the most in the world. ” he joked.

According to Susie Ellis, CEO of GWS, Tel Aviv is unmatched in advancing this year’s summit and its agenda. The intersection of disparate sectors in Israel, its collaborative culture and unique public-private partnerships provide fertile ground for innovation in the growing wellness industry.