Intel and AMD will no longer supply chips to Russia

A week after the start of the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s troops, AMD and Intel are joining the international response against Russia. The two American processor giants will no longer supply chips there.

AMD and Intel will no longer supply their processors to Russia and its Belarusian ally

AMD and Intel will no longer supply their processors to Russia and its Belarusian ally // Source: Steve Harvey – Unsplash

Russia soon returned to the Stone Age? From a computer’s point of view, this is possible. AMD and Intel today announced that they are taking clear action against Russia a week after the Kremlin’s order to invade Ukraine. Thus, we learn that the two American processor giants will no longer supply chips there. An announcement that also covers Belarus, an ally of Moscow.

AMD and Intel join a growing list of companies that have decided in recent days to crack down on Russia or simply support Ukraine in some way. Earlier this week, Apple announced, for example, that it would stop selling its products in Russia, and also promised humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Several French operators, including Orange and Free, have also announced measures to ease communications with Ukraine.

AMD and Intel are also cracking down on Russia

Due to sanctions imposed against Russia by the US and other countries, AMD is temporarily suspending the sale and distribution of its products in Russia and Belarus. This measure applies to all AMD products, as well as products we supply (PCs, etc.) to Russia and Belarus. said an AMD representative contacted by PC World.

A measure that Intel quickly took on. ” Intel condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and suspended all deliveries to customers in Russia and Belarus “, the company said in a press release yesterday.

Lisa Su, AMD CEO

Lisa Su, AMD CEO // Source: AMD

We are working to support all of our employees in this difficult situation, especially those with strong ties to these regions. We have launched a fundraising campaign (…) through the Intel Foundation, which has already raised over $1.2 million in aid, and we are proud of the work our teams have done in neighboring regions, especially Poland, Germany and Romania, to help refugees “, – also added Intel.

However, as Thurrott’s website points out, it’s not clear to what extent the semiconductor shortage could affect the Russian economy. Indeed, Russia is not a major direct consumer in this market. According to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the country accounts for only 0.1% of global chip purchases.

In a press release issued before the start of the Russian invasion, the SIA also recalled that ” the semiconductor industry has a diverse set of suppliers of key materials and products “. Nevertheless, for Russian consumers and businesses, the measures taken by Intel and AMD should be tangible: these announcements could lead to a serious shortage of chips in Russia, and should also deprive access to the latest generation of processors from two firms, including.

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