Inforsud Technologies: Solutions and impulses for the future

Ensure a customized, scalable, always-on work environment

Our strength lies in our experience with different technologies through our various partnerships and our own highly qualified specialists in their field. As a General Practitioner, we cover all the IT needs of the company and the community in 6 areas: consulting, cloud and IT infrastructure, workstation management, cybersecurity, management solutions integration and development.

Our teams can manage complex projects by bringing together multiple areas of expertise. Strength, according to Mr. Herve Llinares, IT Manager Segef Groupdistribution division of the GEFIROGA group, which states that by managing all the building blocks of an information system, customer service is simplified.

The Segef Group has been founded in Occitania since 1946, employs about 400 people and operates 13 points of sale: Midika9 Intersport stores and 2 Blackstore stores.

How has the health crisis affected your core business?

The health crisis has accelerated the adoption of remote work, and for many clients, companies, and communities, digitalization has occurred at an accelerated pace, or even in confusion. Many structures were not ready or organized. During this period, we supported them mainly in the introduction of remote work with new uses related to mobility and increased exposure to cyber risks.

“Cyber ​​security is one of the main concerns for our clients who are finally aware of the threats: after CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification, we have just received the Cyber ​​Expert label attached to the government platform, confirming our experience. help and support in terms of cyber security,” says Audrey Giermens, Managing DirectorINFORSUED Technologies.

But we must continue to inform our customers that security certainly depends on tools, but also on people: 90% of incidents are due to human error. It is also our responsibility to educate all employees of the same structure about the increased risks of computer hacking and to ensure that they adhere to best practices. Therefore, we offer specific training on this absolute priority, in person or now in the form of e-learning modules.

Data security, essential insurance

It would never occur to any responsible motorist to drive without insurance, the risks are so great.
In terms of data protection, the principle is the same. If it is always possible to restore the information system (hardware and software) in the event of a serious incident or after an attack, the lost data will be irretrievably lost. INFORSUD Technologies implements data backup and recovery solutions that are included in the business recovery plan and business continuity plan with the guarantee of the fastest business recovery in the event of a natural disaster, malicious acts. To do this, the company has three level 3+ data centers located in Occitania with a capacity of more than 250 virtual servers and 50 terabytes of data. Since Inforsud Technologies is a subsidiary of Caisse Régionale du Crédit Agricole Nord Midi-Pyrénées, the security protocols applied are of very high banking standards.

At the end of 2020, the restructuring breathed new life into the company.

Indeed, the trigger was a change in identity: Inforsud Diffusion became Inforsud Technologies. The IoT (connected objects) part has been developed through a new innovation, consulting and development center that is working to develop new industrial IoT offerings. The division has a new director and hired a specialist consultant to support our clients’ digital strategy. Now we can offer audit missions, digital maturity, operational advice and support to our clients in their overall strategy, as well as assistance in project management.

Tell us about your new IoT offering

Our IoT offer is for all small and medium enterprises. To give you an example, we are currently supporting a brick manufacturing company whose production process is very sensitive to moisture. They need to measure and track moisture on production lines in real time. Our digital strategy consulting specialist stepped in to analyze and identify needs. on the spot. He then advocated a roadmap. Our technical teams take care of setting up the sensors, while the developers integrate real-time data (indicators and alerts) into the information system thanks to specially designed dashboards.

Today, successful digital transformation for efficiency and attractiveness is both a technical and technological challenge, but also requires change and people management.