India Ready for Accelerated Deployment of 5G Infrastructure: Dell Technologies

As India begins to take its first steps towards 5G with a record Rs 1.5 million spectrum auction, a senior Indian executive at Dell Technologies said on Sunday that the company expects to begin accelerated deployment of 5G infrastructure serving both urban and rural India. ahead of schedule.

According to Manish Gupta, vice president and general manager, the development will drive the adoption of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, industrial IoT, edge computing and robotics in sectors such as agriculture, e-commerce, healthcare, education and pharmaceuticals. Group Infrastructure Solutions, Dell Technologies India.


“As enterprises look to move more and more of their applications to the public cloud, they will also need enterprise-grade solutions and services for their workloads integrated with their on-premises infrastructure stacks,” Gupta said in an interview with IANS.

The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 will reduce production costs, improve quality and yield.

“Data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) will penetrate new market segments and enable companies to make better decisions based on data, leading to more accurate and timely analytics, real and predictable,” he stressed.

As 5G becomes a reality soon, Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), which are focused on revenue growth and initially reluctant to invest in IT infrastructure solutions, will need a sustainable transition to the cloud.

“MSMEs need flexibility to manage workloads. Modernizing their existing IT infrastructure by increasing their capacity to handle future workloads will give them a competitive edge, provide an optimal customer experience, and strengthen their partnerships in the era of digital transformation,” said Gupta. IANS.

Dell Technologies offers personalized enterprise support to organizations of all sizes, sizes and industries.

“Through our broad portfolio of solutions, the right solutions for servers, storage, cloud computing and cybersecurity will help shape the future of MSMEs, turning them into profitable businesses that act on the latest information to track the progress of tomorrow’s market,” said the head of the company.

Dell Technologies has unveiled innovative software-based storage solutions that bring intelligence, security and enhanced performance to Indian businesses.

These advances will provide businesses with a secure and flexible environment to gain critical insights to grow in the digital age, Gupta said.

“Our infrastructure solutions are designed to integrate IT processes and simplify business processes. This is one of the reasons we have led the country in the server segment for three consecutive quarters, with our revenue surpassing the 40% mark on Indian servers. market,” Gupta told IANS.


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