Huawei Technologies launches Academy Ambassador Program to help young people enter the digital future

Cairo: Huawei Technologies, a leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, has launched the “Huawei Ambassador Program” under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

The program aims to train ICT talents to become Huawei Ambassadors; share what you have learned and learn from your peers through Huawei curriculums inside and outside the campus. It is also designed for students to enhance their ICT capabilities to achieve the government’s sustainable development goals, Egypt Vision 2030. Huawei provides all necessary support to its representatives, including advanced leadership, in cooperation with the ministry.

The launch ceremony took place in the presence of Dr. Hesham Farouk, Deputy Ministry of Higher Education and Research for Digital Transformation; several university presidents; group of deans of computer science faculties; faculty and heads of Huawei academies, as well as Mr. MaBen, Member of the Board, General Manager of Public Affairs and Communications of Huawei Egypt; English Amr Zayed, Executive Director of Huawei Academies, and Eng. Asmaa Serag, Director of Huawei’s Talent Development Ecosystem.

“The Egyptian government is committed to partnering with the private sector on digital capacity building to empower students to meet the needs of the labor market. The Huawei Academy Ambassadors are part of a long-term collaboration between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Huawei Egypt on ICT capacity building. While the ministry seeks to expand the establishment of new specialized universities, we are committed to working closely with Hauwei on future initiatives, including the establishment of new laboratories at universities. We are looking forward to starting a new collaboration with Hauwei Egypt to keep pace with the 4th industrial revolution to enrich human capital and qualify them in the ICT labor market to implement the digital transformation strategy. » Dr. Hesham Farooq, Assistant Declarant of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research on Digital Transformation.

Mr. MaBen, Member of the Board of Directors, General Manager of Public Affairs and Communications of Huawei Egypt, expressed his joy that the ambassadors said: “At Huawei Egypt, we are committed to collaborating with our partners in the public and private sector, to empower Egyptian youth through various initiatives and training programs. We believe that youth is the cornerstone on the path to digital transformation and the development of society in Egypt. We aim to turn Egypt into the digital center of the region; contribute to the Egypt Vision 2030 sustainable development strategy.

English Amr Zayed, Executive Director of Huawei Academies, said: “iTB Talent Bank is one of the main pillars of Huawei Egypt, which is launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Labor. So far, the program has established more than 75 academies with 650 instructors, trained over 20,000 talents and issued 8,000 international certificates. In addition, more than 60 companies in the communications and information technology sector have joined the program to provide employment opportunities for the program’s talents. Consequently, the program has been expanded to include new components in line with the State’s 2030 Vision.

English Asmaa Serag, Director of Huawei’s Talent Development Ecosystem, said, “Huawei Academy Ambassadors are primarily focused on strengthening the company’s youth empowerment strategy. The program consists of three phases, including; Leading ICT Talent Trainer, Future ICT Star, Annual ICT Ambassador. After the completion of the first stage, the 40 most effective students were selected and trained before receiving international certificates from Huawei. The students were also offered study programs in leadership and personal development, which allowed them to improve their teaching skills and abilities.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Huawei Technologies hosted a panel discussion on “The Role of Universities and the Private Sector in Connecting Today’s Youth to the Digital Future”, during which Huawei, a number of Egyptian university presidents, and representatives from the Huawei Academy participated in digital technologies. transformation. strategies and the role of youth today, in addition to the importance of collaboration for former students of the digital economy.


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