How to buy cheaper? These sites can help you

INFLATION. The sharp rise in the prices of everyday goods seems inexorable. Faced with the record inflation that France is currently experiencing, there are solutions to buy cheaper while maintaining product quality.

According to the monthly inflation rate monitor recently offered by UFC Que Choisir, food rose 4.1% in April compared to the same month last year. This observation encourages many consumers to double their tips in order to shop at a lower price.

Due to unprecedented inflation following the recovery of the economy after Covid-19, the consequences of the war in Ukraine or the consequences of climate change, HuffPost offers you several free and easy-to-use tools to reduce the cost of your shopping cart at checkout.

Free and easy to use, tailored to suit your situation (single, couple or family), this consumer association comparator allows you to find large retailers near your home in a few clicks, who practice the most attractive prices, following a scale from the cheapest basket to the most expensive.

This independent comparator is based on a basket of 103 national brand products from major retailers representing French consumption. The comparator is also updated every month, showing almost 300,000 prices in more than 4,000 disc stores in France.

As Gregory Kare, director of the UFC Que Choisir Consumer Observatory, explains, “prices in car stores have become, generally speaking, the same as in the corresponding physical stores.” He details the association’s methodology: it “carries out periodic field studies to verify the data from the interactive map and track discrepancies between the disc and the physical sign in nearly 1,000 stores in France.”

After saving your data (zip code and location of your household), you can compare the average price of your store’s basket with the price of competitors. This interactive map also allows you to find price information for major brands, private labels, and organic products, as well as prices by department, such as groceries, fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat, beverages, hygiene, and beauty.

In an inflationary environment where fuel prices are also rising, there is also a map on the UFC Que Choisir website based on the same principle (and updated three times a day) showing the gas stations offering the best prices. this link.

  • Free and independent price comparison

Using a price comparator before shopping or ordering on a drive is an effective way to save money and not rush headlong and without a pre-compiled list.

To do this, there are many price comparators, independent of large retailers, to save money during price increases. indispensable condition to Gregory Kare of UFC Que Choisir, who warns of “the need to use independent price comparators” (particularly for mutual insurance companies or diesel prices).

Among them we find in particular A free French comparator that allows you to make a shopping list online. Once it’s compiled with the sign you’re used to ordering in, the site’s app allows you to compare with other nearby drives to find the cheapest cart with identical products (if a product is or is no longer available in other brands, this will be the site visually indicated to you) .

The site then prompts you to send your shopping cart directly to the desired drive (payment and delivery slot are made on the website of the chosen brand). Important information, also allows you to find out about current promotions on catalog products and possible discounts, for example, for group purchases.

However, you should be careful with the displayed prices, because some of them may not have been updated at the time of your order, the seller’s site of the selected brand will always be more reliable to know the exact price of the product, in case of doubt. In addition, Gregory Kare reminds us that “it is always important to vary the sources when you use a price comparator.”

Other sites exist to take advantage of good plans. Take a look, for example, at the French site, where you can find product catalogs of large retailers and specialty stores.

This site also allows you to quickly find the promotions applied by brands by bidding per kilogram (or per unit) to better understand the price difference applied between two similar products.

Known as the cheapest retailer in France, Leclerc has been offering its own price comparison for several years now. Less independent than those suggested above, it remains an interesting alternative, in particular for the diversity of its sources.

The only downside is that only offers to compare their prices with those of competitors selected in their service area. This means that the comparison is not exhaustive.

However, Leclerc remains the retail brand where you can shop for the best price with an average basket of €348 compared to the French average basket set at €366, according to a September 2021 UFC Que Choisir poll. Thus, the site and its mobile app remain a good indicator of the lowest price most often practiced in France, in the midst of this period of unprecedented inflation in France.

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