Herve Schauer, HS2: It’s not about technology, it’s about people

Herve Schauer, HS2: It’s not about technology, it’s about people

On the occasion of the release of FIC 2022, HS2 (Hervé Schauer Sécurité) will announce the opening of its new training facilities on Cybercampus. At its booth, HS2 will highlight a hands-on proposal unrelated to any certification preparation for DPO and the development of a security, detection and incident response proposal for Blue Teams. Hervé Schauer, director of education at HS2 (Hervé Schauer Sécurité), believes that it’s not about technology, but about people.

Global Security Mag: What will be your news at the International Cyber ​​Security Forum 2022?

Herve Schauer: Our new classrooms on the ground floor of the Cyber ​​Campus. We have been training there since April 4th. The rooms are brand new and spacious, located 2 minutes from the Esplanade de La Défense metro station, close to many hotels and many good restaurants in the metro station.

Global Security Mag: What are the strengths of the solutions you are going to present for this occasion?

Hervé Schauer: Developing a practical proposal beyond any certification training for DPOs and those involved in data protection with the new training “Working a DPO” and developing a proposal for protection, detection and incident response for Blue Teams: cyber management training -Crisis lasts 1 to 2 days, given its intensity with new sessions, given its success, our flagship training SECUBLUE1 is complemented by the second level of SECUBLUE2, and a new SECUSOC training dedicated exclusively to detection for analysts working in SOC is launched. .

Global Security Mag: Have you noticed an increase in new cyber threats since the beginning of the year?

Herve Schauer: We have seen excellent reports published by ANSSI, but this has not had a direct impact on training activities.

Global Security Mag: How should technology evolve to counter these threats?

Herve Schauer: Improvements in the organization and industrialization of defense means, training of engineers are important. An engineer works productively with good tools, but it’s not about technology, it’s about people. It is always more convenient to believe in the miracle of technology, but the reality is that it is people who discover in time thanks to an adapted organization and their tools, not technology.

Global Security Mag: Where do you think people can go to strengthen the defense strategy that needs to be deployed?

Herve Schauer: The place of man is central at all levels. Human error is the main source of compromise, not 0days, and attack detection, compromise, lateralization, and privilege escalation are the people stopping them in time.

Global Security Mag: There has been a shortage of talent for years. What actions can cybersecurity players take to attract new talent?

Herve Schauer: The shortage of cybersecurity specialists has been a problem for 30 years. In fact, there have been recognition issues for several years with human resources, under-wages, and incomplete initial cybersecurity training, with more supply than demand. Now we have reversed this trend. More than half of the people involved in cybersecurity today weren’t working 5 years ago.

France is already attracting far more engineers from the south than French engineers leave France abroad.

The long-term solution is to, as associations like CEFCYS or CLUSIF do, raise awareness about IT and cybersecurity before the 3rd year of the college internship to find a normal proportion of women in the field of cybersecurity in 10 years. This will automatically improve the number of profiles available in the job market.

Global Security Mag: What message would you like to convey to the CIOs?

Herve Schauer: Tell your staff and teams to get HS2 training!

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