Haiphong is developing marine science and technology to serve its maritime economy.

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Lac Huyen International Port, Haiphong (North). Photo: VIA / TsVN

To achieve this goal, Haiphong has established a set of guidelines for the development of science and technology, focusing on research, transfer and application of projects in line with the city’s development strategy.

In 2022, the city continues to update its growth model, restructure the economy towards the development of high-tech industries, seaports and logistics, tourism and trade. These are the three economic pillars of Haiphong.

Haiphong’s economy experienced strong growth. Its gross domestic product (GDP) grew by an average of 14.02% per year between 2016-2020, 2.1 times the country’s growth rate of 6.68% per year, according to Nguyen Municipal People’s Committee Chairman Van Tung. .

These results are due to research, application and development of science and technology. In particular, high-tech industries have received strong development. The share of the cost of high-tech products and high-tech applied products in the total value of the city’s industrial production in 2021 reached 40.12% compared to 39.5% in 2019. The share of the cost of high-tech industrial products in manufacturing industries has been growing rapidly from 16.4% in 2015 to 50% in 2021.

Hai Phong has also strengthened the research and application of science and technology in agriculture and aquaculture in connection with the construction of a new countryside. The use of advanced technologies in agricultural production and post-harvest conservation of products has increased the yield and quality of agricultural products. The value of crops and aquaculture products per hectare in Hai Phong increased from VND 72.95 million/ha/year in 2008 to VND 169.1 million/ha/year in 2021.

The city is now committed to promoting the research and application of marine science and technology while ensuring the protection of natural and environmental resources and promoting the development of human resources. These are important factors in the sustainable development of the maritime economy.

Hai Phong Municipal People’s Committee Chairman Nguyen Van Tung said that his city promotes the sustainable development of the maritime economy, the protection of maritime sovereignty, national defense and security.

The city calls on the relevant authorities to conduct research on the effective management and exploitation of marine resources, the application of new technologies in the development of important sectors of the maritime economy, such as seaports, port services and marine services, tourism services, shipbuilding, and fisheries. logistics services, aquaculture, fisheries, processing of aquatic products.

At its November 2021 session, the National Assembly approved a resolution on specific rules to apply to Haiphong. The goal is to make the port city the country’s new growth engine. At a recent meeting with city officials, Prime Minister Pham Min Chin outlined the tasks that Hai Phong must meet for stronger growth.

“Haiphong should value its autonomy for rapid and sustainable development. Development that should be based on science and technology, innovation and digital transformation. You must develop modern and environmentally friendly industry, smart and useful services, ecotourism and bio-agriculture. “But economic development must go hand in hand with social and cultural development and the maintenance of national defense,” he said.

Hai Phong has set itself the goal of achieving growth of more than 13% this year.