Groupe Beneteau starts a partnership with Vision Marine Technologies to develop and market powerboats powered by fully electric outboards.

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E-Motion™ 180 electric motor. Photo courtesy of Vision Marine Technologies.

Groupe Beneteau and Vision Marine Technologies have announced a partnership to integrate powerful outboard motors from Vision Marine Technologies on board several models of the Groupe Beneteau brand.

Innovation is the cornerstone of the Groupe Beneteau heritage, shaping trends in yachting for over 130 years. Groupe Beneteau quickly recognized the growing market demand for electric boats and in March 2022 launched the DELPHIA 11 electric boat for river and lake navigation. At the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2021, the company also presented the sailing catamaran EXCESS 15 Hybrid, and the sailboat BENETEAU Oceanis 30.1 will be presented this summer at the Hiswa te Water boat show in the Netherlands. This partnership with Vision Marine Technologies ensures that electric propulsion will also be available on outboard boats.

“Following the construction and extensive testing of the first prototype jointly developed in early 2022, the goal is to bring a 100% electric boat and propulsion system to market,” said Eric Stromberg, Product Director of Power and Motor Yacht. Beneto Group. Stromberg continues: “The key to electrification is a comprehensive analysis of customer usage. Many of the boats in our portfolio are ideal for a 100% electric solution. This solution complements and is fully compatible with our other propulsion systems. »

E-Motion™ 180 electric motor. Photo courtesy of Vision Marine Technologies.

180 HP Vision Marine E-Motion™ Transmission System with a battery capacity of 70 kWh of continuous power, it provides the perfect package for daytime boat trips. The first commercial offer with Groupe Beneteau will be launched under the FOUR WINNS brand, with deliveries starting in spring 2023. The technology will also be rolled out by other Groupe Beneteau brands in both North America and Europe.

“We have always treated Groupe Beneteau with great respect and recognize the company’s long standing mandate to lead and excel in the maritime industry. We are honored to be able to equip the Four Winns with our E-Motion™ 180E technology and look forward to a long term partnership with them. We continue to demonstrate our technology and install the E-Motion™ transmission on many third party boats to officially move into commercial full-scale commercial production of our E-Motion™ technology,” said Alexandre Mongeon, co-founder and CEO of Vision Marine.

“Our advanced technologies adapted to the automotive market are the driving force behind our partnership with Groupe Beneteau. The E-Motion™ powerplant is not only a high voltage motor and battery, but a fully optimized powertrain system designed to improve performance and reduce maintenance costs. We have worked extensively with McLaren Engineering and its parent company, Linamar Corp. develop a very secure and easy to use system. This will change the way consumers navigate,” said Xavier Montagne, COO of Vision Marine.

Translation: Joanie Hott-Jean

Source : Beneto Group