Green Gen Technologies sells linen bottles

Green Gen Technologies, based in Toulouse, launches its first high-volume line of liquor bottles made from flax fibers and bio-based resin. New in France.

Toulouse-based Green Gen Technologies brings its linen fiber bottle to market for the first time with the launch of A. de Fussigny Cognac © Théo Schuman

After seven years of research aimed at finding the perfect combination, the company Green Gen Technologies, based in Toulouse, launches its first linen bottle line.. They will go on sale in September along with the launch of a new cognac from A. de Fussigny in Charente, which is already available in pre-sale on the Kisskissbankbank platform.

Linen bottles made in France.

Green Gen Technologies manufactures bottles from 100% French linen fibre. Indeed, the plant material is grown in Normandy and then sent to the Hauts-de-France region, where it is processed into yarn in the Pas-de-Calais and then woven in the Nord department. Then all components are transported in a workshop in Porte-sur-Garonne for assembly and form a bottle.

“We want to buy a factory in Occitania or New Aquitaine to speed up the production of bottles for spirits or wine. Up to one million in 2023 and up to 30 million in the next few years,” said James de Roany, founder of Green Gen Technologies.

Eco-friendly linen and biopolymer

Without phytosanitary products and fertilizers chemicals are used to grow flax in Normandy. “This plant also does not need to be watered abundantly,” explains the entrepreneur. For the resin used to fix the flax fibers is “natural and bio-sourced”.. “But the composition is kept secret,” warns James de Roany.

Only the material placed inside the bottle, as a kind of pool liner to make it waterproof, is waterproof. recycled plastic. “We have no other choice to have a completely neutral container and meet nutritional criteria (the ability of the object to come into contact with food, ed.), ”admits the head of the enterprise.

The bottle is recyclable. It can also be stored like a gourd by consumers or used as a container for bulk purchases. “Linen is an insulating material, it keeps liquids warm or cool for a long time,” he continues.

Linen bottle Green Gen Technologies Toulouse
The ribbon is woven and then fixed with bio-resource resin to form the bottle © Green Gen Technologies

Limited impact also in terms of transport

In terms of transportation, Green Gen Technologies is also trying to limit its impact on the environment. Already because linen bottle weighs only 80 grams, compared to 380 and 1100 grams for glass. And the lighter the product, the fewer vehicles that carry it emit CO2.

In addition, because the company limits its distribution, as well as production, to the territory of France. “It would make no sense to produce environmentally friendly bottles in France to send them to Australia,” admits James de Roany. “If one day the company arrives to deploy internationally, this will be done in a “multi-local” modesays its director. He adds: “This means we will open a plant in the United States, for example, for American wines or spirits.”

The alternative to glass

James de Roany’s goal was to find an alternative to the use of glass bottles. “I have built my entire career on the wine and spirits trade. Except that I belatedly found out about environmental impact of glass bottles. Already because the sand resources used to make the material are limited. In addition, with ovens heated to 1450 degrees and vehicle travel back and forth, the carbon footprint of bottling plants is catastrophic,” lamented James de Roany. “I don’t spit in soup, I have sold thousands,” he adds.

Green Gen Technologies also manufactures sawdust water bottles.

In addition to containers for wines and spirits, Green Gen Technologies also introduced a 50-liter gourd designed sawdust and resin waste, beech and spruce extracts grown in Germany. These materials are then transported to the Bergerac plant for pumpkin production.

“The advantage of this product is that both ends are dyed with a natural dye. unscrew to make cleaning the bottle easier and avoid bacterial growth and unpleasant odors after a few months,” Toulousin analyzes.

This gourd is available to individuals for 28 euros on the dedicated website and at Les Tarées du Bulk grocery store in Toulouse. Professionals can also find it in the online marketplace. In the long term, the goal of Green Gen Technologies is to master the production of other containers from flax fiber or sawdustin particular for the cosmetic or food industry.