Green economy | Savura explores new technologies

The challenge for the agri-food sector is to develop tools and methods that help protect the environment. As part of a major investment project, the Savoura Group, known for growing and selling tomatoes, will test an intelligent lighting system.

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John Gagnon
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Investment 55 mln.

Last month, the Savoura Group announced a $55 million investment project at its facilities in Sainte-Sophie, near Saint-Jerome. The company will build a nine-hectare greenhouse complex. To date, this is the largest project implemented by the company. The new infrastructure will be used for the production of tomatoes in traditional cultivation, among them, of course, varieties characteristic of the Savoura brand. In addition, these facilities will incorporate the latest technological advances in the industry to meet the highest environmental standards, including screen protectors that aim to minimize light waves from grow lamps,” explains Peggy Clermont, President and Chief Commercial Officer . “Light pollution exists and we want to give ourselves the ability to control it,” she says.

Lighting Solution Sollum Technologies

From an environmental perspective, the Savoura project will also serve as a testbed for 100% Quebec technology, namely Sollum Technologies’ smart LED lighting. This Montreal-based firm offers a fully programmable AI-powered smart lighting solution that reproduces, enhances and modulates the full spectrum of natural sunlight. According to Sollum, his system allows greenhouse operators to increase their productivity by up to 40%, saving them energy by more than 40% while extending the shelf life of products.


Of the nine hectares commissioned by the Savoura project, one hectare will use the Sollum lighting system. The gardener can then evaluate its effectiveness and profitability compared to using traditional lamps. To this will be added a water recovery pool. “We are committed to precision farming through the development of new technologies. For us, agriculture is an art, and we must strive to always get better, taking into account the many changes that are constantly happening both locally and globally,” explains Peggy Clermont. “The environment has long been at the center of our values ​​and it drives us to offer better business practices,” she adds.

food concern

The search for new technologies in Savoura is within the interests of the company in the face of the evolution of the world food situation. The pandemic, like recent events in the geopolitical arena, has exacerbated the risks of food shortages. According to the President, faced with the situation, Savura wants to take part in its solution by increasing the production of quality products. “And to do this, we must constantly be active in the search for technological advances that provide the most efficient production processes both to protect the environment and to achieve the best results,” she concludes.