French supermarkets offer in-store discount subscription

Some major French supermarkets, including Carrefour, Casino and Monoprix, have begun offering monthly subscriptions in exchange for permanent discounts on a range of products.

How much does it cost and what do you get?

The monthly fee currently varies between 5.99 and 10 euros depending on the store. In return, customers can count on a permanent discount of 10-15% on a wide range of products.

This is different from existing loyalty cards, which often mean that customers receive limited-time coupons for a select few products.

Which French supermarkets offer a subscription?


Casino Max is an application that combines Géant Casino and Casino for online shopping.

For €10 per month or €90 per year, Casino Max customers receive an immediate 10% discount on everything (excluding specialist articles, books, CDs, DVDs, tickets, parapharmacy and service stations).

Casino and Giant

Casino was the first French supermarket to offer a subscription model in 2019. A supermarket subscription costs €20 for three months (compared to €30 at Casino Max). And Géant Casino offers a six-month subscription for €49 (instead of €60).


The Monopflix scheme offers a 10% national discount at the checkout and online on food, care and hygiene products for €9.90 per month.

Again, there are packages. A six-month subscription costs €54.90 (€9.15 per month) and an annual subscription costs €99.90 (€8.33 per month).

And for the French supermarket Carrefour?

Since September 2021, the French supermarket Carrefour has been testing a subscription model in about twenty stores near Rouen.

The first is called “Carrefour + daily”, which offers a maximum discount of 15% on 7,000 Carrefour brands for €5.99 per month. This amount drops to €4.74 per month if customers also have a PASS card.

The second, called Carrefour + Fresh Market, offers up to 15% off most fresh produce including meats, fruits and vegetables, fish, pastries, baked goods, cold cuts and cold cuts for €7.99 per month. rises to €6.74 for PASS cardholders.

Both formulas can also be combined with other discounts and promotions with a maximum discount of 34%.

French supermarket programs could be rolled out across the country by the end of 2022.

From December 2021, Carrefour also offers another service throughout France. It offers discounts on 400 home delivery products through registration on its website.

For registration, the client indicates the goods that he buys most often. Then you get regular free cart deliveries worth at least €30 per month. Save up to 10% off their regular items.

Prices are fixed for the duration of the subscription. And there is no registration cost or set registration duration.

Do these subscriptions pay off financially?

In general, French supermarket subscriptions Casino Max and Monoprix begin to benefit customers if they spend more than €100 per month in the store. Because with a 10% discount, they will be reimbursed for an additional subscription of 10 euros.

Similarly, Carrefour points out that its “Carrefour + daily” offering is particularly interesting. This is for customers who buy at least 40 euros of eligible products. And that his “Carrefour + Fresh Market” offer works better at spending €64 and up.

The subscriptions come as some French supermarkets rush to show consumers that they are helping fight rising inflation and prices.

E. Leclerc, for example, froze the prices of its top 120 items until July, a decision that was announced just after French inflation was confirmed to have reached 4.8% in April.