Free Mobile and Orange became friends, the surprise with premium numbers is over

It was the same in Free and in telecoms: Free Mobile and Orange became friends, surprises with premium numbers ended

Like every week, we offer you the heading “It was in Svoboda and in telecommunications…” This one invites you to plunge into the events that have become the main news of the current week, but for many years, decades, even the most previous centuries. These events, of course, will concern Free, but in a broader sense – telecommunications and digital technologies. Memories memories…

February 29, 2012: Freebox Revolution welcomes the MMORPG for the first time.

An amazing novelty of that time. Gameloft launched an MMORPG called Order & Chaos Online exclusively for TV on Freebox. First, but was it a good idea? We can’t say…

However, it should be noted that subscribers were able to take advantage of the game with a free month at launch, thanks in part to the GamePad that came with Freebox Revolution.

Have you ever played it on Freebox?

March 1, 1987: Channel 6 is born.

M6 turns 35 this week! The sixth channel was launched shortly after the Five, allowing viewers to discover new horizons with this new general interest channel, which began broadcasting at 11 am on March 1, 1987 in France. Over the years, the channel has established itself as a must-have and introduced one of the most important players in the French audiovisual landscape.

Here are the first minutes of the new channel. Nicolas de Tavernost, head of the group, also posted a message on the occasion of the anniversary of his flagship network.

March 1, 2018: Free allows subscribers to block premium rate numbers.

A new option to find a quieter life. You can opt out of premium rates and special numbers for subscribers of all operators. Indeed, from March 1, 2018, all operators must provide their subscribers with a free option to block calls, SMS and MMS to certain premium rate numbers in order to avoid unwanted additional costs.

Therefore, we launched the “blocking special numbers” option from the subscriber’s office in the telephony tab for free, which made it possible to avoid outgoing calls to 089XX or short numbers with a standardized or increased 3BPQ tariff. She is always present.

March 3, 1847: Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, is born.

We don’t talk much about inventors in this column, but if anyone should be mentioned, it’s certainly Graham Bell. This man, who was born on March 3, 1847 in Scotland and became a naturalized American, is mainly known as the inventor of the telephone. If from 2012 the primacy of an Italian inventor named Antonio Meucci is recognized, history will more retain the name of Graham Bell.

Here’s a little comic video about the inventor about this.

March 3, 2011: Free Orange signs for 2G roaming, extended to 3G.

This commitment will go a long way to defining what the Free network still is: the first steps towards roaming were taken on March 3, 2011. Thus, Orange has committed to allow roaming on the Free Mobile network, provided that it covers 25% of the population. A similar agreement has been signed for 3G, which will disappear this year.

March 05, 2021: 10 million optical fiber subscribers officially in France!

The bar has been crossed, more than 20! On March 5, 2021, Arcep released a new estimate for the fixed broadband and high-speed services market in the fourth quarter. Thus, summing up the results of 2020, we came to a total number of subscriptions for optical fiber in the amount of 10.4 million, while 3.3 million additional connections were made in the last year. The THD plan continues to move forward with its goal of offering fiber to all French by 2025.

March 06, 2008: TV site free launch.

On March 6, 2008, Free launched a new innovative feature: Télésite. The service will allow all Freebox broadband subscribers to share their website on their TV and with other Freebox users if they so choose. All you had to do was register a website with a name and description on Freebox. Users of the “personal TV” service were also asked to integrate their videos on their TV sites. The service never took off, despite several prominent sites such as Tivio, and was shut down on January 10, 2017.