Franco-Moroccan businessman who created NamX hydrogen SUV

Fawzi Annaja created the NamX car, which is the world’s first car of its kind powered by green hydrogen. This French-Moroccan has a background in the automotive industry and worked for Volkswagen. NamX aims to combine human mobility and environmental protection.

Fawzi Annaja, creator of the NamX HUV, the first green hydrogen removable pod vehicle.

The name of 29-year-old Faouzi Annaji has jumped from the Parisian suburbs to the automotive industry after he was able to sell his revolutionary car project, which runs on green hydrogen and has a removable tank system.

Fawzi Annaja said he is leading an ambitious team to realize his industrial and technology initiative, which “promotes the reconciliation of human mobility and environmental conservation through the use of green hydrogen. »

Faouzi noted, “I am Moroccan and proud of my country”, noting that “the idea was put forward in Paris with the help of a well-trained and qualified multinational staff”. In addition, he said: “We have started official negotiations with Morocco and we will have good news. »

NamX HUV is powered by removable green hydrogen capsules.
NamX HUV is powered by removable green hydrogen capsules.

The same spokesman said: “Morocco is an important pioneer country in the automotive industry,” adding, “Morocco has partners like Renault and the Kingdom is an important country in the Mediterranean region. »

Fawzi Annaja, 29, created the NamX vehicle, which is the world’s first green hydrogen vehicle, thanks to a unique system of removable tanks; it has a range of 800 kilometers and can be reloaded in three minutes.

Italy presented some of its catalysts last Wednesday. The proposal is an SUV equipped with a patented removable tank system that promises to revolutionize sustainable mobility and make hydrogen widely available.

Faouzy was an entrepreneur for seven years and worked for a number of Parisian companies. The French-Moroccan has a background in the automotive industry and worked for the German manufacturer Volkswagen.

The Moroccan inventor continues: “We have the largest industrial and technology partners in the world and the first production batch will be completed by the end of 2025. We also intend to develop production facilities in Morocco. This project connects Europe and Africa, more precisely Europe and Morocco.


The same speaker emphasized that he intends to produce this car in Morocco, noting that “the details of the technical and engineering studies and negotiations with Morocco will be revealed in the coming months”, and concluded: “Our innovation is a collective project created with the best industrial and technical partners in Europe and Africa, and our ambition is twofold: firstly, to become a new benchmark in the world of zero-emission vehicles, and secondly, to constantly explore new technologies and new materials. »

This breakthrough is the result of four years of work by Faouzi and is part of a project to combine human mobility and environmental protection through the use of green hydrogen.

Moroccan businessman Faouzi Annaja hails from a modest home in Rashidiya and is the son of a hard-working Moroccan immigrant who worked for more than 35 years as an entry-level worker at Renault’s car factory in France.

NamX HUV and removable green hydrogen battery.
NamX HUV and removable green hydrogen battery.

Hydrogen car. Three questions to Moroccan inventor Fawzi Al-Naja

Creativity, innovation, freedom of movement and durability… These are the strengths of the new green hydrogen car brand “NamX”, developed by Moroccan inventor Faouzi Al-Naja, who spoke about the privacy of his invention, emphasizing the importance of the industry. in the transition of energy through science.

1- What is special about the NamX machine?

NamX is a manufacturer of high-tech hydrogen vehicles. We have developed a new generation of SUVs with a unique charging system developed over several years to make the hydrogen charging system more convenient for customers.

The company has collaborated with leading global partners to develop this system, the details of which will be presented and exhibited in Paris in October.

Our ambition is twofold: on the one hand, we aim to become the new reference player in the world of zero-emission vehicles, and on the other hand, together with our customers, we are constantly exploring new innovations that make their mobility easier.

2- Why did you choose green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is one of the answers to the challenges of the energy transition, especially in terms of mobility.

A hydrogen car is a car with an electric motor, but the electricity it contains does not come from a battery, but from a fuel cell that converts hydrogen into electricity. If hydrogen is available, all that’s left is to store it in a car tank and connect it to a fuel cell to generate electricity.

Pollution is no longer an option. Our planet is sick. Time to change !

I take this opportunity to express my great satisfaction that my country, Morocco, is investing and making a strong commitment to this promising and sustainable area.

3- Where do you see NamX in the automotive world?

NamX is an industrial and technology project that brings more modernity to the future of sustainable mobility and aims to address one of the greatest challenges of our time, namely global warming, without compromising human mobility and the development that supports it.