Foodi Power Nutri CB350EU test: Ninja armed with six blades

The convenience of use

Like many Ninja products, the Foodi Power Nutri CB350EU makes a great first impression. The engine block, for example, is covered in plastic that appears to be of high quality, and its weight (2.48 kg) inspires confidence. However, we regret that the bowl (1.44 kg) is also made of plastic, a material that is certainly lighter than glass, but much less scratch resistant.

Ninja Foodi Power Nutri CB350EU ready to go

Ninja Foodi Power Nutri CB350EU ready to go

The control panel, which consists of a wheel with a center button and three keys to the right of it, at first glance seems much less intuitive than a simple single rotary button, such as the one found on the Philips Series 5000 HR3571. /90. However, after a few manipulations, we got the hang of it.

A sign that can scare.

A sign that can scare.

In manual mode, the power is adjusted with the wheel before mixing is started by pressing the start/stop button, in the center of the latter. The user has the ability to change the mixing speed while mixing while continuing to play with the wheel. The digital display clearly shows which power level has been selected. But the Foodi Power Nutri CB350EU also has an automatic mode, which is activated by pressing the iQ/manual button. This time, by turning the dial, you select a program from the six available (chopping, purée, blending, grinding, blending, blending), the name of which lights up to the left of the banner. Each of them is characterized by a certain speed of rotation of the blades and duration. There are also phases of mixing and rest. In this mode, the display shows information about the remaining duration of the process.

The display performs two functions.

The display performs two functions.

Finally, the Ninja has a pulse mode that provides maximum engine power as long as pressure is maintained on a dedicated button located to the right of the wheel and clearly marked.

The Foodi Power Nutri CB350EU bowl can be installed with the handle on the right or left; a real plus, because that’s not always the case. However, it will be necessary to adapt to different volume units (liters or ounces) that do not match from one side of the container to the other. We also appreciate the lid safety system, one of the most advanced that prevents the blades from spinning when everything is out of place. With a knife so close to the hole, it’s not a luxury!

Special Foodi Power Nutri knife in the middle.  The compatible flipper is on the right.

Special Foodi Power Nutri knife in the middle. The compatible flipper is on the right.

There is no opening in the lid for loading products during mixing. To avoid splashing food, the spout is equipped with a small hatch, which is quite difficult to open.

To remove the cover, you must detach the handle.

To remove the cover, you must detach the handle.

While most plastic containers of other blenders in our comparison are not removable, the Foodi Power Nutri CB350EU container allows you to remove the blade for cleaning or replace it with a whisk, expanding the versatility of the device. The operation is very simple as all you have to do is pull the inserted accessory without any other manipulation, press a button or turn a screw. On the other side of the coin, remember to remove the plugged-in accessory when serving if you remove the lid, otherwise it will fall off when the bowl is tilted too far.

There is something to do!

In addition to the main bowl and two mixing accessories, the Foodi Power Nutri CB350EU comes with a more traditional blade block that screws onto a 600ml bottle (also included), which resembles the so-called “mix & go” mixers. Please note that you just need to replace this knife with a special lid to immediately take the smoothie with you without shifting the drink. The package includes the last pumpkin (400 ml) equipped with a spatula system that can be turned on its own for better mixing (Nutri Power system) and a cleaning brush.

Significant Arguments

  • The perfect mix.

  • Reliable cover.

  • Easy to maintain.

  • Well equipped.

Weak points

  • Can be a little tricky to master the first time.

  • A loose knife that falls off easily if the lid is not in place.