Five farming technologies to unlock

These innovations are slowly becoming mainstream in Africa, helping growers along the value chain to optimize yields.

Agricultural sensors, mobile apps, lasers, agricultural drones, agricultural robotics – here are 5 more innovations in agriculture that decided to introduce you to in the Agritech section this Wednesday.

Agricultural sensors

Thanks to the sensors, farmers can learn about the status of the crop without wasting time. Agricultural sensors allow you to learn about the state of the plots in real time.

They provide information on many beneficial factors for the farmer. Some data such as soil temperature, moisture, crop water conditions, etc. are immediately available.

Thus, it is possible to know the condition of agricultural plots without being nearby and optimize the use of resources.

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The agricultural sensor reads the state of the crop as the tractor passes and adjusts the fertilizer dose in real time. This results in better crop uniformity and greater savings in agricultural fertilizers.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications have played a very important role in the digitalization of agriculture since their inception. They allow farmers to get important information and information about the crop, its routes, tips to follow, etc.

Mobile applications also help agro-entrepreneurs sell products in the markets, learn about market trends and requirements.


The laser allows you to fully optimize the yield. It is a powerful tool for determining the ideal harvest time without damaging the crop or relying solely on visual judgment.

In this way, it will be possible to harvest the fruits at the best possible time to optimize both their taste and texture. This agricultural technique allows you to accurately know the rate of respiration and the production of ethylene by the fruits.

It works using a laser beam that interacts with the surface of the fruit to create a model and then compares it to a previously defined reference standard.

Fascinating demonstrations of this new technology have already been made in developed countries with pears and apples.

Agricultural drones

Far from being just an imaging tool, the drone is also being used in several sectors including agriculture. In agriculture, this technology is equipped with GPS, which accurately records many geo-referenced images, unlike satellites and terrestrial devices.

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The drone flies at low altitude over the field and collects data that will be valuable for decision making. In essence, a drone is a powerful soil mapping tool.

Agricultural robotics

An agricultural robot designed to perform specific tasks in the field of agriculture and horticulture.

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This technology consists of integrating stand-alone or assistive technology to perform specific tasks: production, processing or marketing.

The main area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of robots in agriculture is harvesting.


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