EOS and Sauber Technologies will work together on numerous Formula One requirements using AM.

As part of a three-year partnership, Sauber Technologies, the company responsible for bringing the spirit of Sauber Formula 1 to businesses around the world, and industrial 3D printing company EOS will work together to optimize and produce end-use aerodynamic wing models. parts for racing cars and production aids.

Both companies bring years of industry experience to this partnership with the goal of jointly expanding the use of AM in motorsport and beyond.

In Formula 1, innovation cycles are extremely short and quick adjustments and part variations are required. The competitive pressure is great. At the same time, the motorsport sector demands innovative and often unusual designs that meet the following basic principles: faster, lighter and always safer.

In this area, additive manufacturing is an ideal tool for short development and production cycles. This technology simplifies the implementation of lightweight designs as well as functional integration, while significantly reducing lead times and speeding up iterations.

We see AM being used in F1 for both prototyping and mass production, where reproducible parts quality is important. Together with Sauber we want to set new benchmarks in this area. As more AM applications are used in the F1, automation will also be key to increase productivity and reduce cost per part. Sauber is the first customer to introduce polymer-based additive manufacturing into its production, including the installation of the EOS P 500 system.“, Markus GlasserSenior Vice President of EOS EMEA.

Sauber will install the EOS P 500 system this year, allowing the company to scale applications to future series production with the option to include automation solutions. The company’s applications will initially focus on Polyamide 12 PA 2200.

The assembly speed of the EOS P 500 is twice that of the fastest laser sintering system currently available in the polymer industry (EOS P 396). It is equipped with two powerful 70 watt lasers to accurately deliver energy to the powder as it melts the material. Unlike previous EOS systems, the EOS P 500 brings the material to the optimum processing temperature before application, reducing the time needed for recoating and exposure.

The pre-heating and cooling of the interchangeable frame (with the 3D printed part) after production optionally takes place outside the EOS P 500. Thus, a new production process can be started as early as fifteen minutes after the completion of construction work. The system needs less cleaning and is only serviced once a year, so the EOS P 500 has up to 75% more uptime than previous systems and competing models.

The system can be easily integrated into existing MES/ERP systems and at the same time includes a range of process monitoring and system integration solutions. It helps to ensure industrial scale quality by evaluating multiple sensors as well as camera measurement data (optical and thermal).

Christopher HansenCOO of Sauber Technologies: ” EOS and Sauber share a passion for app-centric design and the highest quality standards we strive to deliver in motorsport and beyond. We are completely satisfied with the EOS corporate culture, which is why we decided to enter into this partnership. From a technological point of view, we are partnering with EOS because its ecosystem of partners and subsidiaries not only allows us to offer the end-to-end solutions we need, including automation, but also provide us with highly personalized solutions through AMSM (Customized machines for additive manufacturing). »

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