Enda Tamweel, Mazars and ASH Technologies team up to protect the environment

Enda Tamweel, a leading microfinance institution in Tunisia, Mazars in Tunisia, an international leader in audit, taxation and consulting, and ASH Technologies, a Swiss technology company, have signed a joint partnership agreement dedicated to supporting and developing environmental projects and activities.

Signed in the presence of the leaders of each organization, Mr. Mohamed Zmander, Managing Director of ENDA Tamweel, Mr. Mohamed Ali Elawani Sherif, Managing Partner of Mazars in Tunisia, and Mr. Yasin Allani, General Manager of Allani Sunlife Holding SA, in the presence of Mr. on Abdelhamid Khalfallah, Director General of the Energy Transition at the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Energy.

This partnership aims to create new synergies to provide concrete and innovative solutions for the benefit of Tunisian microentrepreneurs and farmers in order to increase their income and increase the sustainability and sustainability of their projects.

The agreement, in particular, will include funding and support mechanisms to strengthen the self-reliance of women entrepreneurs, encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among young people and encourage their transition to sustainable development projects.

“Mazars in Tunisia, like Mazars around the world, ensures that CSR policy is one of its activities. As a corporate citizen, Mazars in Tunisia is committed to supporting entrepreneurs in developing their social enterprises that bring positive results. For the environment and society as a whole. We would like to provide our support to establish this cooperation within the framework of the corporate social responsibility program”, said Ali Sherif, managing partner of Mazars in Tunisia

“The environment has always been at the heart of Enda Tamweel’s strategy. The focus on climate change makes the ecological transition a central issue. With the development of its experience in this area and the creation of so-called green credit lines, Enda Tamweel wanted to position itself as a key player in environmental financing. The partnership that we forge today with Mazars and ASH Technologies is evidence of this, and we We hope that through this new cooperation to strengthen our position in this area.e,” said Mohamed Zmandar, managing director of Enda Tamweel.

“The world of tomorrow will be more decentralized, modular and, above all, self-sufficient in energy. Solar energy, decentralized in nature, directly contributes to this trend. First of all, solar energy is not limited to imported photovoltaic panels. , for example, direct thermal solar energy at medium and high temperatures, which, in particular, allows materials to be processed or energy stored in phase-change materials, in addition to photovoltaic cells. said Yassin Allani, CEO of Allani Sunlife Holding SA

A citizen and a dedicated activist, Enda Tamweel has been committed to a proactive approach to environmental protection and sustainable transition since its inception. By making the development of green products a central focus of its strategy, Enda Tamweel has secured the creation of two so-called green credit lines, the first, Eco-Credit, for pickers, recyclers and waste collection centers, and the second, Eco-Credit. – Chams dedicated to the installation of irrigation and solar pumping systems to accelerate the transition of agricultural micro-projects by saving energy costs. This line of credit, launched in partnership with date palm growers in southern Tunisia, is slowly gaining ground.

Mazars has always positioned itself as a public and civil society oriented company, making sure that the policy of corporate social responsibility is included among its strategic directions, as evidenced, in particular, by supporting companies that have a positive impact on the environment and society. Guided by its founding values, Mazars is committed to building a prosperous and sustainable world. To this end, the Group has built its commitment to CSR on several pillars from which concrete ambitions and actions flow.

ASH Technologies, co-founded by a Tunisian, is working to develop decentralized and industrial solar thermal solutions. In 2021, it set up a subsidiary, ASH Tunisia, in Kairouan to build two industrial facilities that are world leaders in metal processing and security.

Through this new partnership, the three members are committed to implementing programs and mechanisms that create value and work for positive change and a more sustainable future for all project creators. They rely on their cooperation and experience to achieve these goals.


Published on 26.05.22 08:16