Enabled Technologies has closed an initial $1.4 million fundraiser to develop enterprise communications solutions.

BRUSSELS, CHISIN (Moldova) AND LOS ANGELES, August 01, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Enabld Technologies, a CPaaS solutions company, announced today that it has closed an initial $1.4 million fundraiser from private investors across regions. This funding round will allow the company to continue to develop its growing network of versatile edge platforms and solutions, as well as new tools to help communications service providers, telcos and enterprises fully integrate and tokenize their cloud communications suite.

This fundraiser was led by Wale Agisebutu, CEO of 21st Century Technologies, among others.

“In my experience, one of the things that separates a good opportunity from a great one is that the founders have already worked together, encountered a problem, and implemented a solution. And this applies to Enabled!

Cloud communication is a colossal new frontier that will bring dramatic change to virtually all communications and telecommunications companies, as well as to millions of users around the world. As an investor who has worked in these areas, I look forward to supporting this team in shaping the future of communications. Enabld’s founding team has almost 50 years of experience, as well as deep knowledge and relevance to business leadership,” said Weil.

This investment is the first major step taken by the company in recent months after only one year of existence.

“This is the future of communications,” said Carlos Villanueva, CFO of Enabld. “This investment is a significant commitment and demonstrates our confidence in our vision of changing the accessibility of the CPaaS market for small telecom providers as well as large telcos and enterprises. »

Recently named in Rocco’s 2022 CPaaS Market Situation Report as an important player in CPaaS delivery, Enabld is growing rapidly and gaining recognition in the industry.

“Over the past 12 months, we have demonstrated product-to-market fit across a wide variety of segments, including service providers of all sizes and telcos across 3 different continents,” said Kalin Calancha, CEO of Enabld.

“Now is the time to hit the gas pedal. These investments confirm our mission and are essential to our continued growth. »

About inclusion

Enabld Technologies was founded in 2021 by experienced executives with experience in the field of telecommunications and SaaS solutions for companies of international scale. Based in the US and operating in Moldova and Belgium, this company offers communication and AI tokenization technologies that have been adopted by many clients around the world.


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