Employees frustrated with organization and ill-adapted technology –

Organizations fail to deliver on workplace promises and risk losing millions in revenue.

There is a huge gap between declarations and reality in the offices! This is the conclusion of a study published by Avanade, an integrator of digital services and industrial solutions.

The results of this global survey are based on the opinions of 2,100 (including 150 in France) decision makers in IT, business services and HR/training. Respondents represented organizations from a variety of sectors, but the focus was on financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and retail.

Simply put, most companies make a lot of noise but are inactive when it comes to providing employees with the tools and technology they need to thrive in today’s post-pandemic world.

However, 83% of companies believe they have found the right balance in terms of people-centric work models such as hybrid or remote work.

Almost all respondents (98% globally, 94% in France) said their company is taking steps to improve the working conditions of its employees.

However, in reality, employees are frustrated by the lack of technology (as confirmed by our recent Freshworks study), security, and flexibility:

  • 63% said they didn’t offer their employees real choice when it came to working hours and location.
  • 67% said they have yet to make it easier for their employees to access the tools and apps they need to work seamlessly, wherever they are.
  • 63% do not use cloud platforms for knowledge sharing.
  • 65% do not have a security model that allows them to protect all employees at work, wherever they are.

What might be the consequences of this discrepancy? Breaking promises can cost companies millions, according to research.

In support of this argument, this integrator points out that interviewed professionals believe that successfully implemented skills development programs (thanks to partnerships between IT managers, human resources departments and company management) have generated an average growth of 6.2% over the past year.

In addition to the financial benefits, Avanade research also found that organizations that have implemented broader and more progressive workplace engagement strategies over the past 12 months have delivered other significant benefits for both their employees and their company.

The main ones are:

  • Average overall performance improvement of 6.67%
  • Average employee retention increase of 6.42%
  • Average increase in customer satisfaction score by 6.53%.
  • Average market value increase of 5.58%
  • Average cost savings of 5.66%.

Another consequence, which is not mentioned in this study, but which seems to be becoming more frequent, is the departure of employees with no recognition.

“The message of our research is loud and clear: A holistic approach to working in the workplace is critical and benefits both companies and their most important asset, their employees,” says Veit Siegenheim, Head of Modern Workplace at Avanade. “The longer leaders delay action, the more they fall behind and risk losing out financially and in the war for talent. »