Electric vehicles: the future belongs to advanced and innovative automotive technologies

Article sponsored by Hyundai

Not to mention the obvious benefits for our planet, driving an electric car has other benefits as well. You save on fuel compared to a comparable petrol or diesel model. In terms of maintenance, electric models include fewer parts than heat engine models. Thus, your maintenance costs are usually cut in half. For hybrid models, their maintenance remains the same as for the petrol model. Their daily use brings certain benefits, such as cheaper tolls or reduced parking rates in certain cities. When it comes to electrifying cars, Hyundai is making a name for itself with high-performance technology.

Hyundai, one of the leaders in electrical technology.

For several years, Hyundai has demonstrated its commitment to protecting the environment for a sustainable and better future for all. As electrification is the brand’s main theme, it aims to achieve carbon neutrality in its products and operations worldwide by 2045.

His strategy for achieving this goal is based on:

● investment in solutions and technologies based on green energy;

● A wider range of products for pure mobility.

The group therefore embraced renewable energy and also decided to look to the technologies of the future by investing in solutions such as green hydrogen.

Thanks to its determination to comply with environmental obligations, Hyundai has become one of the market leaders in electric vehicles. An investment rewarded with very good results in 2021.

The group offers one of the widest ranges of electrified vehicles on the market: 100% electric vehicles, 48V hybrids, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen. Hyundai offers 100% electric vehicles that are efficient but prioritize driving pleasure, such as the KONA and IONIQ 5 SUVs, which consume no fuel and produce no CO2 emissions. The group’s electric vehicles are technologically advanced, as they have a long range: from 289 to 484 km when driving around the city with KONA Electric.

Benefits of Partnering with IONITY for Hyundai Vehicle Users

The criterion that can discourage people from buying or using an electric car is, of course, recharging. Among potential buyers’ brakes is the fear of difficulty finding charging stations or that their subscriptions are too high and do not match their consumption.

To solve this problem, Hyundai partnered with IONITY. This powerful charging network, very extensive in Europe, is compatible with most electric vehicles. The company has about 400 stations in Europe and plans to add more. Their terminals are efficient as they provide up to 350kW of power, allowing for fast charging of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

By partnering with IONITY, Hyundai customers get subscriptions tailored to their use and enhanced access to the Digital Charging Solutions network, which gives them 300,000 charging points to plan their long journeys with peace of mind.

In addition, Hyundai EV users enjoy discounted charging rates at IONITY terminals. These reduced rates are offered under two formulas: a premium subscription (eg for regular users) and a Lite offer. Buyers of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 will be offered an annual subscription.

Hyundai intends to realize its ambitions for 2022 by improving its technologies and strengthening its position in the electrification market, in particular with the introduction of the IONIQ 6 sedan.