Elasticity study: French companies use search technology to protect themselves, automate and strengthen their leadership

As part of a global study of IT decision makers, trends are emerging in France. In an increasingly critical business role, data discovery technologies are especially popular for optimizing cybersecurity and customer experience across organizations.

• 63% of research technology is primarily used for cybersecurity purposes in France, a higher figure than its European neighbors.

• 41% of French organizations invest in automation processes, the highest figure in Europe.

• 47% of French companies say they primarily use data to improve their competitive advantage.

Paris, September 1, 2022 Search technologies are constantly evolving, working to collect and analyze data from all sorts of sources, from websites and applications to hybrid clouds. As this recent study shows, French CIOs have realized the potential of these technologies and what they can bring to their companies.

Competitive advantage: a challenge for IT decision makers

While organizations are often faced with piles of data organized into disparate repositories, making it difficult to access useful and relevant data, 48% of French IT decision makers say their priority is to search for cross-cloud information across multiple environments. . More pronounced priority in France than elsewhere (Germany 34%, Netherlands 43%, UK 41%). They also find it difficult to manually process this data, and 41% support increased investment in R&D. Challenge: Automate processes to support the digital transformation of their organizations.

If the use of research technologies is mainly related to the optimization of data management, competitiveness remains a priority for French IT managers: 47% consider protecting their competitive advantage as the main reason for effective data management.

Data in the service of cybersecurity

More than anywhere else in Europe, the vast majority of data science technology (63%) is directed towards developing cybersecurity challenges. In contrast, Germany’s neighbors provide only 39%, the Netherlands 48% and the UK 59%. This focus on IT security is combined with a business priority to improve customer experience, which is cited by 50% of IT decision makers in France.

Finally, French IT decision makers indicate their need for access to large storage capacity (53%, the highest in Europe) and 58% believe more importance should be placed on developing an integrated cloud-based platform for success their next search technology solution.


The study “Search-Driven Technologies: A Critical Tool for the Digital Future of Business” (April 2022) was commissioned by Elastic. Forrester Consulting conducted a global survey of 832 executives (including 12% in France) on data architecture strategy for global enterprises in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US. The survey was conducted in April 2022.