Education Technology Fair: Kwark Education presents its solutions for the future of education!

At the Learning Technologies Show in Paris on May 18 and 19, Kwark Education is presenting its immersive virtual education solutions.

EdTech leader in the digital transformation of education in France, Kwark Education group at the Education Technologies exhibition, which takes place in Paris on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 May. MCE TV is there and tells you!

An event not to be missed

This is the main EdTech event in France ! The Learning Technologies France 2022 exhibition has just opened its doors. The event takes place at the Parc des Expositions in the Porte de Versailles in Paris.

The exhibition, which welcomes more than 240 exhibitors this year, brings together all actors in teaching, education, and EdTech French and international.

On the occasion of the exhibition “Teaching Technologies”, these actors are present at offer their innovative solutions, mainly to educational organizations and school visits.

Among the key players of the show Quark Educational Group, a pillar of the development of education in the metaverseare looking forward to. “For us, as a major player in the digitalization of content, educational technologies and learning, it is important to be present”explains Roni Hermon, general manager of Kwark Universities, a subsidiary of Kwark Education, to MCE TV.

The French group, which has recently changed its name, wishes use the living room as a deck. “This is an opportunity for us to present our new brand platform and all of our services. Namely Kwark Media, Kwark Services, Kwark Orientation and Kwark Universities”he continues.

Like its large central stand, Kwark Education showcases its show ambitions. “First of all, it is important to show that we are already in a change of scale. Then we also want to show that we have new activities.”Roni Germon assures us.

In fact, the company offers many new solutions for the future of education. A wide range of innovative services presented at the Teaching Technologies exhibition. MCE TV will tell you more!

Alban Mikonnet, CEO of Kwark Education, introduces MetaKwark at the Learning Technologies Show on May 18 in Paris.

Quark Education presents its range of services

Today, Kwark Education deploys an entire ecosystem in the service of performance and quality of education. “The exhibition “Teaching Technologies” is a unique opportunity to present our many areas of activity”rejoices Roni Hermon.

Specifically, EdTech first introduces its MetaKwark, the first open educational metaverse. Leading the company, this project, developed in partnership with Manzalab, will be released in autumn 2022.

The group also presents own online learning platform (LMS) called T-Book. As well as the Woach mobile app, which allows students to review their programs of study.

Other services provided by the company: Kwark Universities, the first 100% digital learning at MetaKwark. “Introducing opportunities for companies to conduct CFA outside the walls and associated work-study”explains Roni Hermon at the Learning Technologies show.

Moreover, Kwark Education is already teasing his new application, Good marks. A tool that allows you to automatically correct homework.

All these diverse and innovative solutions do not miss the opportunity to seduce future partners. “They appreciate that we are present throughout the value chain. They also appreciate having a single point of contact for all our services.”says Roni Germon.

Finally, at the Learning Technologies Show, Quark Education is also present through one of its media outlets, Demain TV.. The channel dedicated to employment and training really interviews partners on the topic: the future of education.