Cruiser: Angell revisits his electric bike in a more relaxed version


Angell, the electric bike brand launched by Marc Simoncini, has unveiled the Cruiser M and S. These two models build on the foundations of the original VAE but feature curved handlebars and wider tires for more comfort.

Angell held a press conference where founder Marc Simoncini introduced the new Cruiser model. This e-bike is based on the foundation of the first models of the French brand with minor modifications. The Cruiser is available, as is the Rapide, which seems to have evolved from what was formerly known as the Angell Bike, in a closed frame version, the Cruiser M, and another lower frame version, the Cruiser S. The former is for riders in sizes between 1, 65 m and 1.90 m, and the second – for the smallest (from 1.55 to 1.75 m). The duo, which was already part of the Rapide family, is also available in S and M sizes.

Electric bike Angell Cruiser M.

The Angell Cruiser should be less dynamic than its predecessor, and therefore probably less divisive. The French brand decided to take an already used aluminum frame but associate it with a much more curved handlebar. Bringing the elbows closer to the chest, the Cruiser takes a less active position. However, a very fast start did not allow us to feel such a noticeable difference. The geometry of the bike is unchanged, and the position is still more dynamic than on the “Dutch” type VAE.

Angel Cruiser S.

Fixes are more than new

Among the reproaches that could be made to the original Angell bikes was that the tires certainly roll, but are too uncomfortable. The manufacturer chooses 26-inch wheels for the Cruiser, shod with 42 mm tires versus 35 mm for the Rapide. This larger volume of air is used to better absorb imperfections in the pavement. In short, a good duo with a carbon fork that also filters vibrations.

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More curved steering wheel.

For a city electric bike, the first Angell forgot some of the basics, or at least reduced them to a state of options. Cruiser includes, in turn, mudguards, the design of which is more consistent with the reality of water spray, a crutch and a rear rack. Front basket and front basket remain available as options. This equipment mechanically increases the weight of the Cruiser, which is 18.6 kg in size M and 18.1 kg in size S.

This concludes the meager list of new features offered by the Angell Cruiser over the first iteration of the French electric bike. Because in everything else, the Cruiser builds on what already exists. Thus, it includes an engine located in the rear wheel hub, a battery of the same capacity, a gearbox. one speed chain and hydraulic disc brake system.

Communication unchanged

Communication obviously remains the central axis of the technical sheet in Angell. The Cruiser retains already crossed enhancements, such as a stem-mounted screen, vibrating knobs, or a front and rear turn signal system. Electric assistance relies on a torque sensor that delivers power proportional to the force applied to the pedals, and four levels can be selected to assist the engine more or less.

The smartphone app authorizes the location of the bike and detects a possible theft attempt when it is moved. Cruiser can be automatically blocked to slow down attackers. Please note that Angell provides a two year theft guarantee on its bikes, based on one event per year. The first year of the Cruiser (or Rapide) is replaced with a new one, and if stolen during the second year of the warranty, it is replaced with a rebuilt model. During the presentation, the brand said that its bikes are stolen three times less than the average pedel. The fleet of Rapides already sold totals 5,000 units, and the French manufacturer hopes to double this figure every year.

Overall, the new features are fairly weighted and one would hope the Cruiser would remain in a price range close to that of the Rapide. This is not the case because these small additions push the bill to €3,490 for the Cruiser M and S, compared to €2,990 for the Rapide S and M.

good news for first followers

Good news for owners of first-generation Angell electric bikes: the brand is offering a service visit for their machine. A visit during which a classic maintenance and sometimes even battery replacement is carried out, some of which have experienced connector malfunctions.

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