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With rough collection 8.70 billion euros in 2021, in SCPI (Société Civile de Placement Immobilier) are on the rise and seem determined continue your ascent in 2022 ! What accounts for such success and the enthusiasm it evokes among French investors?

The numbers will rise by 2022

While global economic crises are hitting the balance sheet of some investments hard, SCPI is demonstrating strong resilience and stability. In fact, with estimated global capitalization of €78.60 billion According to ASPIM, more and more French people are trusting this new form of real estate investment.

Another proof of its success is the sharp increase in net inflows: while the economy is running at a slower pace, SCPI recorded 22% fee in 2021 ! In addition, according to ASPIM, contributors invested 7.4 billion euros in SCPI shares last year.

Behind Louis Legasse, a wealth management advisor at, this net inflow is proof that SCPI has recovered well despite the health crisis. He also tells us that this invested amount is almost a third of what was saved in life insurance contracts, which are currently the preferred investment of the French.

SCPI’s Recipe for Success: Profitable, Simple and Affordable

SCPI allows individuals to invest in real estate typically reserved for professionals such as the shops or more corporate offices. By purchasing SCPI shares, the investor provides rental incomein proportion to the number of shares he owns.

The secret to his success? For our expert the answer is simple: “SCPI may be suitable for a wider range of investors as its risk is low. In terms of risk/reward ratio, SCPI is one of the best products on the market. Unlike the financial market, the real estate market that supports SCPI is more stable and less subject to fluctuations.

Thus, this collective investment combines all the advantages that French investors seek:

  • Low entry ticket A: about 200 euros for some SCPIs.
  • Investments without managerial restrictions : the management of the maintenance and rental of real estate is entirely under the jurisdiction of the management company. There is only one thing left for you to do: collect the income that SCPI pays you.
  • BUT attractive yield : Bye keep in mind market was 4.45% in 2021, some SCPI could achieve productivity above 6%!
  • BUT access to professional real estate A: SCPI allows individuals to invest in real estate normally reserved for professionals, such as shops or offices. “This professional rental property market is vibrant and very lucrative.” our SCPI portal consultant tells us.
  • BUT risk pooling A: A wide variety of facilities and tenants reduces the risk of non-payment.

Despite the covid-19 crisis, the civilian real estate investment company has proven to be reliable, guaranteeing a stable income to its many investors. Stability, which is undoubtedly related to the possibility of diversification, which makes it possible to invest in several different sectors (offices, healthcare, logistics, etc.) and thus limits any risk.

The ideal alternative to buying property in 2022

More and more French people say they are ready to invest in real estate. However, due to various economic crises, in particular the inflation that has gripped the country since the beginning of 2022, the dream of buying property sometimes turns into a disappointment.

Fortunately, SCPI offers the ideal and easy access to the rental real estate market, allowing everyone, even with the smallest wallet, to invest in it. Especially since she releases from managerial restrictions related to direct ownership of property (works, fees for co-ownership, management of unpaid invoices, etc.).

2022: the right time to invest in SCPI!

SCPI offers many benefits, this is what makes it dazzling success in the real estate market. According to Louis Legasse, consultant at, now is the time to invest in SCPI: “Every year share prices are being revised and he is often on the rise! I always advise my clients to invest quickly because SCPI is growing at full speed.”

Moreover, some SKPI, affected by their success, have closed the doors to new buyers of shares, as they have already reached a very high level of capitalization.

To invest in SCPI, the process is relatively simple. In fact, the custodian has the abilitybuy SCPI shares the way he prefers:

  • Cash;
  • On account;
  • In dismemberment;
  • Through life insurance.

Before investing in SCPI, we recommend that investors consult specialized advisory platforms such as You can even model your investment online using dedicated tools to refine your project for free.


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