Clark, a connected, automated and portable defibrillator from Lifeaz

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About 50,000 people die of cardiac arrest every year in France, according to the National Academy of Medicine. In this way, the organization highlights the blatant lack of first aid training for the French population. That’s why a young French company has developed the world’s first fully networked, fully automatic portable defibrillator.

In France, cardiac arrests have 500 times more deaths than domestic fires and 15 times more than traffic accidents. In an attempt to stop this silent carnage, the young French startup Lifeaz, with the support of cardiologists and experts in medical equipment and first aid, has developed: defibrillator named clark.

This name is apparently a direct reference to the fake name Superman uses to hide his real identity. Now, with this connected, automatic and portable device, you have become a superhero.

Simple and automated use

This allows anyone to perform emergency ventricular defibrillation without any training, explains Celia Rich, training manager at Lifeaz.

Our device is fully transportable, it weighs 1.3 kg and its dimensions of 21 x 21 x 8 cm make it both designer and compact. Clark, which was designed in Paris and manufactured in Honfleur in Normandy, is a connected device. The interest of this connection was to provide remote maintenance of the defibrillator. Its use is very simple and fully automated. Just turn it on and the voice will guide you from A to Z. ” explains Celia Rich. ” He reminds you to call 911 first, if you haven’t already, and then Clark walks you step by step on what to do. Firstly, we are talking about removing clothing that covers the chest of the victim, about attaching electrodes to his chest. After performing these operations, the device will ask you to move away from the human body a little to start the analysis. ” she continues.

Celia Rich then adds: When this study is completed, and if the measurements indicate that a shock should be delivered, the defibrillator continues to do so automatically. When defibrillation is performed, Clarke also suggests that you give a cardiac massage, always verbally helping you position your hands correctly. This procedure must be carried out until the device gives a signal to start a new analysis of the victim’s heart condition. The defibrillator will perform this check cycle every 2 minutes until help arrives.. ยป

French delay in preventing heart risks

Compared to some countries, France clearly lags behind in terms of prevention of cardiac risks and education of the population in first aid. The chance of survival for people whose heart has stopped beating in France is only 5% due to the need for emergency intervention in the first four minutes.

For comparison: more than 80% of trained people and defibrillators in working order are installed on every street corner, in the city of Seattle in the USA today the survival rate is more than 60%. And to put an end to the accepted ideas, the cardiac arrests that affect both men and women are not limited to our old people. The average age of the victims is about 60 years old, and among amateur athletes even 40 years old.

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