Carbonfuture launches Catalyst to accelerate development of gigaton-scale carbon removal technologies

Recent market investment and the growing need for carbon removal technologies creates a great opportunity for the Carbonfuture Catalyst program to help new companies in the industry enter the carbon removal market with verified third party credits.

FREIBURG, Germany, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Carbonfuture, a platform and marketplace for companies looking to work with the best carbon removal partners, today announced the launch of Carbonfuture Catalyst, a program designed to support teams and companies developing innovative carbon removal methods.

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Carbonfuture Catalyst is committed to helping new carbon removal businesses grow by giving them quick access to revenue. To ensure quality at any scale, the program takes a novel approach, acting as a quality springboard for new technologies. Its benefits benefit several target groups: For early-stage carbon removal companies, Catalyst enables a successful transition from proof-of-concept to reliable, scale-ready carbon removal credits. The Catalyst program is also the partner of choice for more mature companies that need guidance on developing methods and procedures to track, report, and verify the carbon sinks they create.

Participants will have access, among other things, to:

  • Possibility to sell your loans for a long term and in large volumes with a pre-purchase (without risk, without conditions) of liquidation loans
  • A team of technical experts in their respective fields
  • Supporting the development of rigorous monitoring processes and carbon accounting methods
  • Formal credit review and pre-release approval process
  • An aggregation of innovative CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal) companies that brings together members with a broader community of companies and strategic stakeholders.

This is another big step forward for us as a company and for the carbon removal industry as a whole. “, said Hannes Junginger, CEO from carbonfuture. ” Supporting new companies looking to find new, sustainable ways to remove carbon is essential to achieve the scale needed to effectively combat climate change. Today we simply do not have enough materials and projects to remove carbon from the atmosphere. This problem is huge. Like a new industry, we need to create an army of people and companies who share common principles and who are determined to fight this battle together. We are here for these companies and these leaders. »

For more information, eligibility and application criteria, visit our Web site.

About the carbon future

Carbonfuture is an approved platform and marketplace for companies that really want to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Our commitment is to spark the rapid development of a high-quality carbon removal industry, which we approach with long-term partners, a blockchain-based carbon tracking platform, and funding tools that make this possible. Carbonfuture partner companies strive to eliminate carbon emissions. properly. Visit

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