Brian Garnier: “We are bankers passionate about technology and our mission is to fund innovation”

Decision makers. What prompted you to choose Brian Garnier? What were your ambitions?

Olivier Garnier. Since 1996, there has been a desire to create a European investment bank in the image and likeness of American banks of the 1970s and 1990s, such as Robertson Stephens or Cowen. Their feature? Get involved in technology development in Silicon Valley or the Boston area. At that time, a market for entrepreneurship, technology, digitalization and all the breakthroughs that followed from this was emerging in Europe. Our vision is to become a reference player, a bank for entrepreneurs at the service of these entrepreneurs, at the service of these groups undergoing profound change, a highly specialized bank capable of supporting the emergence and growth of these future leaders.

How did you do that?

Greg is back. At that time, technology was a subject of great complexity, at which few people were present. We had a support logic over time. In order to do this, we had to be comprehensive in all services, unlike independent investment banks in Europe, which tend to be narrowly specialized in products, but versatile from an industry point of view. Our logic was to be a “one-stop-shop” for these players, being able to support them for all their needs as they grow, and of course their success has become our success! The success and speed of what we have envisioned since Brian Garnier’s founding is also obviously the fruit of hard work and good positioning, as well as great luck in timing and implementing our development!

“Developing an investment bank from scratch is not easy: we very quickly covered several countries and all the businesses needed to support growing companies”

What will Brian Garnier look like in 2022?

GR Last year we passed the €100 million mark in revenue and maintained continuous growth of over 25% per annum on average. Most of our activities are related to investment banking: raising funds for listed and non-listed companies, mergers and acquisitions in a broad sense. Our geographical exposure was progressive. We are present in London, Paris, Munich, as well as Oslo, Stockholm, New York, with offices in Palo Alto and Shanghai. Today, about 250 employees work together in these different offices, following the logic of industry franchising: at Bryan Garnier we are a health care banker, we are a technology banker, we don’t think about geographical location, offices exist to settle an employment contract and basically the place where we communicate!

What are your development directions?

GR We have a debt activity that is not organized as a product, but where our track record is significant. Considering its volume, it is possible that we will additionally structure this activity. We are also the pioneers of private placements in Europe and have completed over a hundred capital raises over the past few years. Strengthening this activity in the capital markets is all the more strategic as the recent poor performance in the stock markets is slowing the pace of IPOs, while capital reserves for private financing of companies before they are listed on the stock exchange are at an all-time high. levels! Here again, since the founding of the bank, we have chosen to also be flexible in these two rather disparate ecosystems, “listed” and “unlisted” universes.

Interview with Olivia Vigno