Be careful, this new unique radar will not only report speeding…

A unique radar has just been approved in France! It’s called Parifex Nano. For now, it’s content with measuring the speed at which motorists are traveling, but it could soon detect other traffic violations as well. Failure to follow stop or yield rules, driving in the wrong direction, crossing the white line, the D’Objeko team will tell you more about this new device that you need to be very careful with!

Currently, various types of speed cameras record our offenses on French roads. There are stationary devices, sectional radars, red light radars, turrets and urban ones. Although we are accustomed to their presence, sometimes we become their victims. A flash, a letter, a penalty, and sometimes a score, this trouble makes us more vigilant. But in the coming months, you will have to be even more careful driving your car. You must have heard about it? This new generation of speed cameras is much smarter than the previous one. Thanks to innovative technologies, engineers have developed amazing features!

Radars only approved for speed first

Be careful if you don’t know the rules of the road! The new generation of speed cameras may well fine you for reasons other than speed. We learned about this on the Radar Auto website, these automatic devices that constantly monitor us have a new member in their large family. The newly approved “Nano” speedometer only measures speed at the moment. But the new features it is about to integrate will allow it to detect other offenses as well.

Already in the testing phase at Du, these new radars are able to verbalize multiple offenses at the same time. But at the moment, their official approval only concerns measuring speed and running red lights. In addition, Parifex specifies that its new device will be able to detect, among other things, non-observance of safe distances and stoplights, crossing the white line and moving in the wrong direction.

Innovative technology for smart speed cameras

For six years, Parifex engineers have been working on a new generation radar. To develop it, they used a modern technology: 3D LIDAR. This innovation will provide a unique resolution that will be the first in the world! For information, the sensors used to detect all of these violations are the same ones used to design autonomous cars, mobile phones and robots. The operation of the nanosensor is based on the use of scanning lasers that model space in three dimensions. Thus, it identifies motorized vehicles and their trajectory at a distance of more than one hundred meters. In addition, nanotechnology can only be used in certain radar cockpits. These are double-sided models designed to photograph cars from the front and back.

New devices to save many lives?

Are you wondering if speed cameras can really save lives? Research has attempted to answer this difficult question. Unfortunately, they all give different numbers. In addition, only automatic speed cameras are considered in these analyses. In other words, red light cameras and cameras at railroad crossings are not scored. However, these figures will significantly affect the results of the studies. Therefore, they would be very useful in determining the role of speed cameras in road safety. Be that as it may, in the future, motorists will have to be more and more vigilant, because speed cameras are becoming more and more and more intelligent. They may even become less and less tolerant. Some motorists are also concerned that the cost of these investments will affect the size of fines. The Objeko team will be sure to bring you news about these brand new travel companions that could save lives as well as lighten our wallets!о