BAT Thanks to LiVR R2B will provide us with new technologies

In the stands of the arenas of Nimes, against the backdrop of Hadrian’s Wall and the Roman camp (photo from the archive of Anthony Moren).

LiVR will be an application designed not only for viewers, but also for entertainment professionals. The goal is to release the app before the end of the civil service, which sees Edeis at the helm of Nimes’ Roman monuments. Romain Bilovus, CEO of R2B, talks about this new product.

It could be used for experimentation, but error is impossible in this sector, so the application must be perfect before it is put into production. Anyway, the Middle East is already looking forward to it! ” This is a proposal that we have been implementing for a year now, and this is a real innovation in our field of activity. We are working on an application that will be broadcast in three service offerings. First, it is a live streaming solution. From home with a Livr ticket, just like on Netflix, you will have access to the show through the box office. Camera points will be available to you and each point will have the exact sound of the selected location, as if you were there. As if you were a spectator there. Let’s put on a show about gypsies in Nîmes… It should be of interest to people internationally, right? We open up to the whole world, not just the public face to face, the possibilities are huge. »

But you will understand, Livr works on three bases. The other two pillars are augmented reality and virtual reality. ” When you arrive at the place of the performance you are going to visit, augmented reality will bring you additional effects. Grab the arenas, if you’re seated while we’re attacking Hadrian’s Wall, you can see the ballistae work for real through your phone. But it doesn’t have to be a toy! It is intended for viewers and the purpose is to display additional effects at a specific time with notification in the program or by phone. We can also imagine live behind the scenes when waiting for the show to start or many other things, such as content on the site, in the region… It will be a lot of fun. »

R2B production team for Nimes operations (photo by Jean-Claude Azria).

Regarding virtual reality, I could also tell you that two years of working with Jean-Michel Jarre for the Ministry of Culture and the city of Paris, when he performed in the heart of Notre Dame, was very rewarding. ” We are working on creating virtual worlds. We are going to make the monuments available to artists from all over the world so that they can perform there remotely. There we speak specifically for the ancient theater of Orange. CNRS reconstructed the theater as it was 2,000 years ago, with contemporary acoustics and period decor. If an artist who will perform in virtual reality comes to the theater to compare the acoustics, he will see how much has changed since then. »

Thanks to the Paris show hosted by Jean-Michel Jarre at Notre Dame and produced by R2B, everyone understood that such progress is needed in a globalizing world. ” All major capitals were cancelled, Paris asked us to think about the format, and everyone was satisfied. After the horrific images of the fire that devastated it, we wanted to see the image of Epinal again, that is, Notre Dame. We had to work on it in virtual reality to make it a place that welcomes advanced technologies. Jean-Michel Jarre was wearing sensors, his avatar was playing in the heart of Notre Dame in real time. Where the Americans record everything, we did everything live with all the difficulties of life! 75 million viewers, anyway, we did not expect. We have seen the Chinese talking to Chileans or Tunisians about what they saw thousands of miles away. Technology can create convergence, you just need to find the right application to accommodate it. »