ASDR Canada Inc. announces acquisition of ECO Technologies

ASDR Canada Inc. (ASDR), a diversified engineering, water treatment and turnkey solutions company for the mining sector, announces the acquisition of ECO Technologies, an innovative dredging and environmental services company. The acquisition is part of the company’s strategy to accelerate growth and strengthen its water treatment value proposition.

Founded in 2006 and with five offices in Canada and overseas, ASDR will benefit from a client base in new markets where it can expand its operations, especially in the Maritimes and Western Canada. The company will also strengthen its long-term goal of providing sustainable environmental solutions to overcome today’s challenges and achieve the goals of its customers.

“We are proud to announce this strategic acquisition, which strengthens ASDR as a whole, expanding our geographic footprint and strengthening our relationships with important clients across Canada. In addition, we are expanding our comprehensive water treatment offerings, from dredging to sludge dewatering and water management,” said Stephen Autier, Chairman and CEO of ASDR.

ECO Technologies is recognized in the industry for its extensive experience in dredging and preventive icebreaking, which complements ASDR’s product line well to better serve its business partners. This vertical integration will increase ASDR’s competitiveness for larger and more complex mining, industrial and government projects.

“ECO Technologies is backed by a close-knit dredging team of more than 30 people, a fleet of specialist equipment and years of experience in aquatic environments. We are excited to join the ASDR team in addressing the industry’s biggest challenges in environmental remediation and water treatment. This association allows us to offer a wide range of services to our customers through a one-stop service,” concluded Mark Maurice, president of ECO Technologies.

Remember, ASDR experienced phenomenal growth between 2006 and 2021, from 5 to over 300 employees and from 1 to 4 areas of expertise: water treatment, project management and engineering, manufacturing, and industrial services. The company also has offices in Canada, Africa and South America.

Image: ECO Technologies dredging vessel. Image credit: ASDR


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