Another scam solved! Attention.

The thieves pretend to be Linka’s agents in order to extort money from you. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt a few rules of caution.

6000 euros for a new Linky counter! These people show no signs or evidence that they belong to the company. Once your meter has been verified, they will take the opportunity to ask you for a large sum of money, 6,000 euros, to change your setup.

This, of course, is a lie. These people show no signs or evidence that they belong to a corporation. On their Facebook account, the Avallon Gendarmerie in Yonne warns its residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious events to the Gendarmerie by dialing 17.

Apply for a professional card

We remind you of the basic rules to avoid such incidents. Never let an agitator into your house, especially if you are alone. And don’t forget that a technician or government official sent to intervene always carries a professional card and business card. Ask to see them and check carefully.

For its part, Enedis Linky clarified that at the moment, its teams are not conducting any telephone or physical interviews.

Many flights of false quality

Crazy Linky Meter

The elderly are the preferred targets of false quality theft, a term used to refer to thefts carried out through identity theft. Although the methods of operation are more or less the same, there are many variants of identity theft. After fake gendarmes, pseudo-plumbers, or even ostensible EDF employees, Linky’s ostensible agitators have been abusing the naivety of some clients for months now.

Already in June, the Gendarmerie of Saint-Brieuc in Brittany urged users to be extremely vigilant. We’ve been informed that vote collectors are submitting on behalf of Linky to update the LINKY counter. These people do not show any signs or evidence of their affiliation with the company, this can be read in their Facebook account. Taking advantage of the situation, the thieves broke into the homes of the victims and took away their mobile phones.

Linky counter cut by ants

If the reading comes from Loire-Atlantique, the phenomenon can occur anywhere as long as the Linky meter is installed outside. There are many cases on the forums. Michel’s case perfectly describes the situation. My meter is installed outside, at the end of the garden, 90 meters from my house, he explains.

I installed Linky just two months ago. Since then, he no longer works and cuts our forces. When I went to see if I could drop it, I was surprised to find lots of ants on it. The operator I called asked me to scroll down, which I did, but to no avail.


Then the technician came. He told me that this is a very common error caused by ants loving the Linky counter component and creating repeated short circuits. To say that Michel was convinced to change the meter because Enedis guaranteed him that with Linky he would never have to go to the box, everything was controlled remotely via the Internet. Except the ants! The EDF subsidiary clearly didn’t expect the counter colonies to invade.



According to Enedis, only 1,000 of the 34 million installed Linky meters are affected each year, and they are no more attacked than their predecessors. However, we at Que Choisir don’t remember ever hearing about this issue and are leaning towards a more attractive model.

The electricity network manager ensures that he intervenes quickly and, if necessary, replaces the meter with another one equipped with special protection for his electronic cards. This is indeed what the technician promised Michel but was unable to tell him when he would have the machine to install.