AMT Launches New Technology and Introduces the Digital Factory of the Future at Formnext 2022

A week before Formnext, many companies are announcing the launch of new additive manufacturing solutions. The international event in Frankfurt is the perfect opportunity to present the latest developments in 3D printing technologies, whether in terms of design, production, materials or post-processing. One of the leading companies showcasing their solutions from November 15 to 18 is Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT). AMT, known for its PostPro brand for developing automated post-processing systems for 3D printed parts, is looking to showcase its potential to users on Formnext. But what will we be able to see at the company’s stand and what novelties will it present at the exhibition?

With his booth D39 located in the central aisle lobby 12.1, AMT will work alongside HP and other key partners in the 3D industry. The nearly 200-square-meter space will be transformed into what is to become a “digital factory of the future” concept, featuring the future of post-processing for additive manufacturing. The AMT booth will also include a PostPro DP Max cleaning system, multiple steam decontamination solutions, meeting rooms and a stage where presentations will take place daily. In addition, they will demonstrate a revolutionary end-to-end integrated post-processing system called Digital Manufacturing System (DMS) and a revolutionary new polypropylene surface treatment system: PostPro SF PP. New items not to be missed!

AMT formnext

AMT booth at Formnext 2022

AMT novelties at Formnext 2022

The main novelty presented by AMT during Formnext is the development of a new environmentally friendly chemistry for steam smoothing of 3D printed parts. This proprietary, FDA-approved chemistry, called PostPro Pure, will be available for AMT Surface Treatment (SF) systems starting in 2023. This is a more environmentally friendly replacement that will arrive several years after testing and research by company scientists. This innovative solution is important to AMT as it aligns directly with its environmental responsibility goals.

PostPro Pure is an environmentally friendly, sustainable chemical. It is non-toxic, halogen-free, readily biodegradable, does not pollute the sea, is food grade, and is not subject to any regulatory restrictions. Dr. Konstantin Rybalchenko, Head of Research and Development at AMT, says: “ There is a clear link between additive manufacturing and sustainability as it is clearly a greener alternative to traditional methods. The additive manufacturing community as a whole is a movement towards a more sustainable future of mass production, and AMT post-processing systems and solutions are at the forefront of this effort.. Formnext exhibitors will be able to visit the AMT booth to see the results of this surface treatment of parts across a wide range of industries.

PostPro Pure, AMT’s New Sustained FDA-Approved Chemistry

In addition, AMT will introduce an updated surface treatment system specifically designed for polypropylene. Abbreviated as PostPro SF PP, the steam leveling method has been re-engineered to become the go-to solution for polypropylene surface treatment. PostPro SF PP has already been tested and approved by leading material manufacturers in the industry including BASF Forward AM, Ricoh and AM Polymers. The combination of material and post-processing has already been successfully applied in medical applications such as prosthetics, proving its effectiveness in highly regulated industries. For pure chemistry, AMT will be exhibiting PostPro SF PP at its Formnext booth, with a full wall dedicated to exhibiting parts smoothed with this technology.

The company will also have the opportunity to present its end-to-end digital manufacturing system (DMS). As the name suggests, this is a system that allows mass production of 3D printed parts in one place. In collaboration with HP, this method includes unpacking, dedusting, chemical vapor treatment, sorting and part inspection. Visitors to the AMT booth will be able to see a live robotic demonstration of the full AMT post-processing workflow.

A unique opportunity to discover the factory of the future

Joseph Crabtree, CEO and founder of AMT, comments: As the additive manufacturing industry moves towards producing end-use parts on a large scale, it is essential that we provide our customers with the solutions that enable them to succeed along the way. Our main vision is to make 3D printing a true manufacturing technology, and the concepts we’re showcasing at Formnext show how far we’ve come in realizing our vision. We look forward to welcoming everyone to our booth next week.

Left PostPro SF PP. Right: AMT DMS solution.

As you can see, at the AMT booth (12.1 – D39) during Formnext you can discover a lot of new things. In addition to being introduced to these automated post-processing solutions, users will also be able to attend interesting lectures given by the company’s experts on their own stage. Topics covered will include product development, research and a range of applications across industries. The goal is to educate and inform attendees about the technology that AMT has to offer, as well as demonstrate PostPro’s capabilities in the additive manufacturing industry. Finally, AMT is organizing its second networking event at the Chinaski Club on Wednesday evening, November 16th. If you would like to participate, you can register here. You can find more information about the company and its presence on Formnext here.

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* All photos by: AMT