Agro-food technologies | Chikumi: never lose a crisis

Owners of La Mangue Verte since 2006, Lisanne Gingras and Jean-Michel Tineir, have seen the pandemic hit their high-end catering services hard. Accustomed to events with more than 1,000 people, the Quebec duo took advantage of the COVID-19 hiatus to launch Chickumi, a chickpea food processing company.

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Julie Roy
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Reunion Island as a source of inspiration

Jean-Michel Tineyre and Lisanne Gingras met on Reunion Island. There the businessman was a confectioner, he brought his experience here. Wanting to make herbal ingredients more democratic, providing a real pleasure of taste, two entrepreneurs decided to focus on peas, that’s all. “Chickpeas are very common on Reunion Island. It is a product that is easy to handle and leaves room for creativity. Before choosing this product, we did our homework and looked at what is on the market here. We realized that here we mainly exploit it in its natural form, ”explains the entrepreneur.

Innovation Award


Chikumi Hummus Sticks

Thus, crispy sticks with sweet and sour orange sauce and buffalo sticks with maple barbecue sauce became the world’s first hummus sticks with yellow beetroot crust. These products also received the 2021 Food Innovation Award from the Food Transformation Council of Quebec (CTAQ) in the New or Improved Products category. “We are also part of a sustainability approach and we are improving some ingredients such as reduced quality maple water and aquafaba, the liquid found in chickpeas,” the businesswoman emphasizes.

Purpose: delicious food


Pancakes with crushed chickpeas and caramelized onions

In addition to hummus sticks, Chickumi sells pancakes with crushed chickpeas and caramelized onions. “People love hamburgers, and our burgers are a trendy option that can be reheated. According to Neilsen 2020, 41% of people are making an effort to cut down on meat, and 42% of millennials and 37% of baby boomers would like to eat food that doesn’t need to be cooked. This is exactly what we offer. »

“My Little Lady”


A few months later, Lisanne Gingras realized that food production was a completely different world and that she had to find her place in it.

It would be easy for the couple to open another restaurant business, especially with the solid reputation of La Mangue Verte, but Lisanne Gingras admits she earned her credibility by the sweat of her brow. Months passed, and she realized that the food industry is a completely different world and that she must find her place in it. The one who has to compete with the giants enrolled in an elite course at the Boss School of Entrepreneurship, where she met her mentor, Alain Chalifou, founder of Maison Riviera. “During the events in this environment or when I introduced myself, I realized that I was in a different place. “My little madam,” with looks that didn’t count me at all, happened. I know that I am learning that we are starting from scratch, but we are sure that we will succeed. »

Clearly, Chickumi’s biggest problem is convincing consumers to try its products. Already now you can try in several restaurants, including Archibald, Cosmos, Cochon Dingue. Recently, they can also be found in 155 Metro grocery stores. “When people try what we offer them, they will buy more. We offer them beauty, goodness with taste. Our growth goal is to reach one million and start exporting to the United States within two years. Take a good look at us. »