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Changing the Internet box is much easier than it seems. In a few minutes, you can switch from one operator to another without interrupting your Internet connection. If you have any completion fees, please be aware that all operators pay €100 if you come from a competition. After all, such a change is painless.

Of course, you should change your internet box to find better value for money elsewhere. Ideally, an internet box should offer better (and more reliable) speeds at an increasingly lower price. And that’s exactly what the two operators are offering this weekend. On the one hand, there is Sosh (Orange brand), which offers the lowest price in many years. On the other hand, SFR surprises us with a mini price and a very attractive offer.

Sosh, internet box Orange

Sosh is considered the “low-cost” brand of Orange. In fact, it is much more. It shouldn’t be seen as inexpensive: if you opt for its internet set-top box, you’ll be entitled to Orange’s internet network just like the ISP’s premium customers. The only difference is customer support: you won’t be able to go to the store and you’ll have to manage your entire offer online.

However, there are many people who no longer have problems managing everything on the Internet. This is all the more interesting since Sosh products are significantly cheaper than the Orange brand itself. This applies, for example, to the Internet box, the price of which this weekend is really very interesting. In addition, it is without obligation of duration.

I use the Sosh box

Specifically, the Sosh internet box provides 300Mbps fiber for download and upload. This is a speed that will suit almost all houses in France, even if several people are connected at the same time. It also includes unlimited calls to all landlines (in France and 100 destinations) and the Orange TV app. It sells for €14.99 per month instead of €29.99 for the first year or half price.

Considering the quality of the Orange chain, the value for money for Boite Sosh is exceptional. True, this does not include unlimited calls to mobile phones or a real TV decoder (available additionally for 5 euros per month), but these are two items that are no longer so important today. If you have a smart TV, you can play programs very well on your TV without a decoder.

Therefore, when you buy an Internet box today, the main thing is the quality of the network and speed. Here with the Sosh internet box you have a very good speed and the guarantee of the best network in France. To have Orange Fiber, you first need to make sure your home is well connected: just enter your postal address on the Sosh website to see if you qualify for this super-fast network.

SFR, great alternative

If you don’t want to go to internet boxing Sosh (for reasons X or Y), we suggest you look at FAI SFR. The latter only a few days ago showed a new, more aggressive offer at all levels. First, you can ask him for help in one of the SFR stores. It is also a real comfort, which is added to the customer service by phone.

In particular, its SFR Fiber box has the following advantages: it includes very high speed fiber (500Mbps download and upload), unlimited calls to landlines, and a decoder with 160 TV channels. So, unlike Sosh, it’s an internet set-top box with three features and a solid argument.

Regarding the price, there are two things to keep in mind: firstly, this Internet box is sold at a price of 16 euros per month instead of 38 euros during the first year. But in addition, SFR offers you the first 2 months as a bonus. After all, for the first year it will cost you €160 instead of €456. Thus, this is almost a 65% reduction in the price of the internet box.

I will take advantage of the SFR offer

In the end, in terms of value for money, this SFR internet box is excellent. Some may criticize it for requiring a one year commitment. However, given the price quoted for this first year, you’re not risking anything. In our opinion, this is even the best box at the moment. To have such a debit for less than 15 euros per month (calculated for the first year with 2 months on offer) is just a great offer.

If Sosh only offers one internet box, SFR displays the range with a second box: SFR Fiber Power. This provides even more powerful speeds (1Gbps download and 500Mbps upload), but it won’t necessarily be useful to the general public. If you are using your bandwidth very heavily and want to get the maximum speed, it is available for 24 euros per month for the first year.