Achievements in the market of science and technology

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Linkages between research and application need to be strengthened.

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According to the Department of Science and Technology Market and Enterprise Development (under the Ministry of Science and Technology), in the period 2011-2020, the development of a science and technology policy framework was generally completed. Numerous guidelines and policies have been issued to promote the development of this market, with 14 documents (decrees, party and government decisions), four laws, six decrees and 12 circulars…

The Law on Science and Technology (Amendment) 2013 sets the direction and policy of the state in relation to the development of the science and technology market. It calls on all socio-economic components to participate in its development. Government Decree No. 08/2014/ND-CP guides the implementation of a number of articles of the law, specifying provisions related to market developmentā€¦ We can specify, among others, mechanisms and measures for technological application and innovation; development of demand and supply of technologies; transfer of ownership of search results; support and development of intermediary bodies; policy to encourage and support innovative start-ups; recognition of ownership of the results of scientific research; using the company’s science and technology development fund to invest in innovative start-ups; tax incentives for creative startups.

Pham Duc Ngiem, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology Market and Business Development, emphasized that the role of this market is becoming increasingly important, especially in the context of the global economic revolution 4.0.

Policies, regulations and mechanisms are important tools for developing and creating an enabling and transparent legal environment for parties involved in commercial activities, both domestically and internationally.

Capacity building
intermediate bodies

To create a leverage effect in the development of the science and technology market, intermediary organizations have been developed both in breadth and in depth. Technology exchange activities are being intensified in the direction of linking regions in close conjunction with the activities of local centers for the application of advanced technologies.

The potential of intermediary bodies in the market of science and technology is being strengthened by training staff in the knowledge and skills of brokering technological products, the results of marketing research, creating databases on the demand and supply of technological products, e-commerce platforms, intellectual property on the Internet…

According to Pham Duc Ngiem, there are more than 800 intermediary organizations in the country’s science and technology market, including technology exchange, technology transfer promotion centers, advanced science and technology application centers, organizations providing industrial property representation services; technology assessment and assessment bodies; technological incubators, scientific and technical business incubators.

In particular, the number of platforms for the exchange of technologies has sharply increased. If before 2015 there were only eight of them, then in the period 2015-2020, 20 were created. At the regional level, two platforms are being created, one in the north and the other in the Mekong Delta.

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