Accuracy: “We want to use as much technology as possible in our missions.”

Decision makers. Accuracy will celebrate its 20th anniversary in less than two years. What are you most proud of when you look at the progress made?

Frederic Duponchel. When we left Arthur Andersen in 2004 to embark on this entrepreneurial adventure as a group of seven, it was a tremendous challenge. We thought about our experiences, formalized our strategies day and night, seven days a week. At the time, everyone said that starting from scratch was crazy. However, very quickly we are trusted by large prestigious clients, and since the early years we have supported Carlyle, Alstom, Thales, Kering and Suez. Being able to line up such names so quickly was a source of great pride.

Rodolphe Paccarella. If we have been able to survive these years so well, it is also because of our human capital and work environment that is the heart of Accuracy, with many moments of fun, learning and a culture of innovation that we share with the team. the entire international network.

Conversely, what is the biggest challenge you have faced over the years?

FD A constant challenge, especially in a crisis like the one we are experiencing, is to maintain a healthy pace for our teams. Caring for all employees during a period of intense activity such as today is essential to the quality of work we provide to our clients and to the quality of life at work in the firm. To do this, we must adapt to new ways of working while maintaining a family spirit and guaranteeing the level of intellectual challenge that characterizes the spirit of Precision.

In this regard, what do you consider characteristic of the spirit of Precision?

PR With a presence in 13 countries and 36 different languages, we remain unique in offering the same quality of service to our clients locally, with the ability to intervene immediately, providing our employees with real career opportunities abroad.

“We will have to relearn how to deal with inflation”

Nicolas Barsalu. For example, I recently completed a mission in France with a team in Singapore and Hong Kong. It is a very flexible and fully integrated Accuracy organization that gives us this ability and allows this great consistency that is characteristic of our team spirit and the quality of our services.

FD This coherence was made possible by the decompartmentalization of partner evaluation and reward systems, we do not have an individual, but a global reward plan: the result of the company is shared by all partners based on quality criteria of effort and the ability to cooperate, which allows us to build a collective system that characterizes us.

As technology becomes more and more important in consulting, how is Accuracy’s approach different?

FD We want to use as much technology as possible in our missions. Therefore, we hired a dedicated team, including Jean Barrère, a data and AI expert, and for several years we have had a laboratory with employees from the digital world who are able to code and offer new services to our customers. Internationally, our offices in London, Montreal and Dubai are also integrating more and more technical topics.

NB We are not a technical group, much less an IT services group, we want to remain committed to our consulting mission: technology is needed primarily to improve the quality and relevance of the services we offer to our clients. It must remain a decision-making tool. Rising rates, inflation, disrupted supply chains…

How do the next minus points stack up for your teams?

R.P. The challenge for leaders today is to assess the situation, and we must support them as best we can in a changing and uncertain environment. Thanks to government assistance, we have a lot of cash surplus, at the same time, turnover fell and then increased sharply after recovering in 2021, and today we must make a correct diagnosis in order to foresee the future.

FD The inflationary environment is unprecedented, on such a scale no one has yet experienced, and we will have to relearn how to deal with inflation. Similarly, supply chain disruptions are global phenomena that have never happened before. But the direction of the wind does not matter, as long as it blows. We will be able to adapt, our model works in any weather.

Interview Celine Toni