Accompany the technological evolution of information systems

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Information systems of large companies require special knowledge to manage their transformation. This is what Artik Consulting offers thanks to its pragmatic approach, which two of its partners, Joachim Tordjman and Olivier Guerin, tell us about.

What services does Artik Consulting offer?

Joachim Tordjman: We are a consulting firm in the field of architecture and management of information systems. Our clients are large French companies, in particular from the CAC 40, or companies with sufficient critical mass to have a sophisticated information system.

We offer our clients two main categories of services: on the one hand, consulting, with which we help our clients structure their approach, identify the technologies they need, determine implementation methods, and audit the existing system, and on the other hand, piloting or implementing IT projects requiring extensive experience.

Olivier Guerin: We operate in a technologically innovative and revolutionary environment that sets us apart from the big ESNs in the market.

What are the challenges in the evolution of information systems for business?

OG: There are basically three questions. The first is technological: over the past ten years, a lot of new technologies have appeared, especially related to the phenomenon of big data. Thus, new solutions appear every day, and some of them are still immature, which makes it difficult to make decisions. The challenge for large companies is to know how to account for them and how to make them coexist with their legacy.

The second question concerns how to manage projects. For twenty years everyone has been talking about agility, but there is a significant gap between theory and practice as these approaches change how the IT department functions as well as the business. Indeed, businesses must constantly work with implementation teams, who themselves must integrate production into solution development.

The third problem is human: these new technologies and methodologies have created new jobs, especially data-related jobs, which are shaking up CIOs in their organizations, including in terms of pay.

How has Covid affected your market?

DT: There was a limitation of IT budgets. On the other hand, at the end of the pandemic, companies wanted to make up for the accumulated delay, which caused an explosion in demand that caused a shortage in almost all of our professions, causing a surge in wages.

OG: But ironically, companies continue to tighten budgets, creating an imbalance between high demand for skills and procurement prices for services that are still relatively tight.

What are your differentiating assets in supporting your business?

DT: At Artik, we have always put the quality of our results above all other criteria, including financial viability. For us, it’s the icing on the cake.

OG: We are not here to design extraordinary things on paper, but which may not work, we are practicing architects, which allows us to offer our clients solutions that meet all their requirements. Thus, our motto is: “the goal is far, but set close.”

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