A unique place of excitement for quantum sciences and technologies – News

Equipped with state-of-the-art scientific equipment and laboratories, as well as original and friendly spaces for exchange and creative meetings, the new pavilion that houses the Institut Quantique (IQ) of the University of Sherbrooke is sure to be the crucible of future technologies. revolution.

In addition to promoting the training of highly specialized personnel, which the society already needs, the pavilion will also allow holding international conferences and summer schools, specialized seminars. This already contributes to the influence of IQ and UdeS at the international level and will allow recruiting more talented people in quantum research and attracting new partners.

The inauguration ceremony drew about 150 people, including Elizabeth Brière of Sherbrooke MNA; Sherbrooke Mayor Evelyn Boden; Rector of Sherbrooke University Prof. Pierre Cossette; scientific director of IQ, professor Alexander Ble; and Deputy Director Prof. Michel Piorot-Ladrière.

Guests were able to experience new amenities, including a curved and spiral architecture inspired by the dilution refrigerator, the tool at the heart of quantum research. Representing an investment of over $13 million, the new pavilion received funding from the Government of Canada through the Canadian Innovation Fund, the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation, and the University of Sherbrooke and its partners.

For the rector, this new addition to the campus exemplifies the dynamism of the community that gravitates towards the Institut Quantique: “The research activity here is international in scope and places Sherbrooke at the center of quantum efforts in Quebec and Canada. Following the designation of the Innovation Zone, the addition of this signature building on campus is further proof of the importance of this area of ​​research to the University of Sherbrooke. »

Professor Cosset believes that the pavilion will help attract the greatest minds in quantum research to Sherbrooke:

The scientific excellence of the Institut quantique and the quality of the facilities we have been able to provide are the two pillars of the attraction we want to make global. The research, scientific exchanges, application transfers and learning activities that will take place here are UdeS’s contribution to changing the world, with these technologies serving people and society.

Pierre Cosset, rector

According to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, this support from the Government of Canada is motivated by a desire to move society forward on a solid foundation:

Quantum science is changing the way we design and design everything around us. It is a source of research and innovation, which is why our government supports researchers and scientists in their work in this new and revolutionary discipline. In perfect harmony with Canada’s National Quantum Strategy, the University of Sherbrooke’s Quantum Institute stands out for its leadership and strengthens our leadership role in the technologies of the future.

François-Philippe Champagne

Elizabeth Brier, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Deputy Minister of Health and MP for Sherbrooke, believes that quantum sciences are very promising, especially in terms of cybersecurity: “The University of Sherbrooke Quantum Institute Pavilion, a real crossroads of knowledge and quantum technologies in the country, is bold, ambitious and inclusive vision. Here at Sherbrooke, quantum science is thriving, thanks in part to our energetic researchers and funding offered by the Government of Canada. This cutting-edge technology expands our capabilities in cybersecurity, communications and informatics in ways that were unimaginable ten years ago. IQ is accelerating this revolution by building bridges between the science and technology of the future. Congratulations on this milestone. »

As for the province, the Minister of Economy and Innovation and the Minister in charge of Regional Economic Development argue that this pavilion comes at the right time as quantum research expands in Quebec:

Quebec is developing a world-class expertise in quantum technologies and I am proud to have supported the creation of the Sherbrooke Innovation Zone. All this has been made possible thanks to our researchers, who will now be able to meet in a new pavilion that matches their ambitions.

Peter Fitzgibbon

In the eyes of the MNA Saint-François, Genevieve Hébert, “the region of Estri, and in particular the city of Sherbrooke, is now the benchmark for quantum technology. There is a strong and diversified research and innovation ecosystem that shines here and in other parts of the world. The Institut Quantique is channeling the knowledge and efforts of all stakeholders in this field with the aim of making Quebec an important center in this cutting edge field.”

As for Sherbrooke Mayor Evelyn Boden, the university once again stands out for its sense of innovation: “The University of Sherbrooke once again demonstrates its innovative character with the creation of this pavilion. It is a great wealth for our city to have an institution that demonstrates such vision and leadership in the academic world. Thanks to the University of Sherbrooke, the future is passing through us. »

According to IQ Scientific Director, Professor Alexander Ble, we are only just beginning to see the potential of quantum science and technology at the dawn:

Discoveries in quantum science are accelerating and the potential benefits are enormous. The implementation of these ideas requires fundamental and applied research, modern infrastructure and the intersection of several areas of knowledge. Now we find each of these ingredients together in this new pavilion at the University of Sherbrooke’s Quantum Institute.

Alexander Blais

Facilitate interaction between participants and exchange places

Thanks to this building, world-renowned experts in the field of quantum materials, computer science and quantum engineering can gather under one roof.

“Research takes place in laboratories, and science takes place in corridors. »

This is how IQ Deputy Director Professor Michel Piorot-Ladrière summed up the spirit that inspired those involved in the design of the pavilion. “We wanted to encourage interaction between IQ members. Thus, the building itself becomes research equipment. It is by facilitating the collision of ideas that we really think we can create synergy to make it a place where there is better thinking, more creativity, and that is how we achieve great scientific discoveries. The professor took the opportunity to thank the many partners and, above all, the IQ community, who mobilized to make this project a reality.