17th International Trade Fair for Water Equipment, Technology and Services-SIEE Pollutec

17th International Trade Fair for Water Equipment, Technology and Services-SIEE Pollutec

For his 17th edition, International Exhibition of Water Equipment, Technology and Services-SIEE Pollutec will open its doors with From 20 to 23 June at the International Conference Center CIC, Algiers.

Since 2005, it has been linking key Algerian and international players in the Algerian water sector with, sponsored by Ministry of Water Resources and Water Security.For this issue and on the occasion of the celebration of the 60th anniversarye anniversary of national independence, 17th The international exhibition of water equipment, technologies and services SIEE-Pollutec will be held under the slogan “A Glorious History and a New Era”. A rich program is planned for the event. Opportunity to learn about the main achievements of the industry and available prospects.

A well-known and recognized fair for the quality of its visitors, in 2021 it attracted 4200 visitors experts who came to meet 100 exhibiting companies. Continuing this momentum, it continues today to mobilize public and private participants in a vibrant market, following the example of national agencies of the ministerial pavilion.


This year, the local offer is again very dynamic: 60% of Algerian companies, mostly market leaders, attract many international companies, mainly from Europe.

13 countries will be represented Business France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, the Netherlands, South Korea, Austria, Brazil, China, India have held this year with strong French participation.


SIEE Pollutec is more than a networking platform, it is also a place to share information and content through conferences on key topics in the water market.

Among the many topics covered:

in salinization of sea water

L’Wastewater treatment and reuse

Product qualityForum organized byPlastic Tube Manufacturers Association, AFTP.


“Algeria ranked 29th in the world among the countries most affected by water shortages”

Source World Resources Institute

Water resources: Algeria’s potential is estimated at 23 billion m3/year.

The strategy for developing a new desalination program for water security will increase the capacity of water production by desalination to 3.8 million m3 per day by 2024 and thus reduce the need for surface water for drinking water supply.

In order to support them and their projects, the Ministry of Water Resources has under its control various agencies that will be actively present at SIEE Pollutec (AGIRE, ONID, ADE, ONA, ANDBT and ANRH), thus demonstrating the interest of the state. in this booming sector.


Established in 1994, SYMBIOSE Communication Environment is positioned as the first agency

Communications specializes in organizing international exhibitions.

Its first event, an international exhibition of water equipment, technologies and services

SIEE-Pollutec was held in 2003. This is his 17th edition.

In addition to water resources, Symbiose Communication Environment has invested in other sectors.

Activities such as transport, with the International Exhibition of Transport, Logistics and Mobility

(Infrastructure Algiers), Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals (Ogex), Environment, Mining and Quarrying (Mica), Road Safety (RS Expo).

But the agency is not limited to organizing exhibitions or other congresses, it develops and publishes atlases, in particular Biodiversity in Algeria of a valuable heritage (2013 edition), Building in Algiers (2014 edition), Algeria’s environmental atlas (2017 edition) .

Exhibitions and conferences Symbiose:

SIEE Pollutec: International Trade Fair for Water Equipment, Technology and Services (www.siee-pollutec.com)

MICA: International Mining Exhibition (www.mica-dz.com)

OGEX: International Exhibition of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals (www.ogex-dz.com)

ISCC: International Smart Cities Congress 2022 (www.isccongress.com)